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  • How to create the life you desire: make manifesting easy

    How to create the life you desire: make manifesting easy

    How to create the life you desire: make manifesting easy

    Do you ever wonder how some people make manifesting look so easy, while you stay stuck in an endless cycle of frustration and disappointment? It’s very likely you are jumping over what is most needed in order to manifest like a boss.  manifesting your desires

    If you want to move forward in your manifesting game, focus on mindset before manifestation

    Many people start their manifestation process at affirmations, but they haven’t developed the mindset to support them. Mindset is so much deeper than saying a positive phrase repeatedly and expecting to change the entire dynamic of your life.  

    Mindset is the most critical factor behind getting solid manifestations of the things you desire. 

    Yes, positive statements are needed but they render useless if you haven’t identified and released your pre-programmed limiting belief system.  

    You are badass. You are beautiful, you are bold, and you are exceptional. But you are also a human being who has emotions, feelings, trauma, pain, and guilt from experiences and events.  

    Throughout the course of your life, you’ve developed a poor mindset based on certain situations and setbacks that don’t support your new efforts to create a positive, more fulfilled life. In order to do this, you need to identify and heal your core wounds so new mindset patterns can take hold. 

    Crush limiting beliefs. 

    Limiting beliefs are often what stops us from completing the desired intention, especially for larger or out-of-the-ordinary things. On a deeper level, limiting beliefs are also known as counterintentions. These are statements and thoughts we tell ourselves consciously or unconsciously that define our everyday life. We create outcomes we didn’t intend to or want, because of deeply-ingrained beliefs that affect our mindset on the daily. 

    For example, “I am a fraud.”  

    A statement as negative as this will usually stem from a few things such as low self-esteem, family or friends talking about others being frauds, or your fear of judgment of what others may think of you.  

    The fact is you haven’t created the life you desire for one of two reasons:  

    1. You have been using the Law of Attraction in such a way that calls in everything you don’t want in life rather than what you do want.
    2. You have not cleared up your counter-intentions (aka limiting beliefs). 

    “In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.” Francis Bacon 

    Deep within the depths of your soul lies everything. Since you were born, layer by layer of programming has been added to your state of being and way of thinking.  

    Heal core wounds by feeling them. 

    I’m going to be real with you right now or you will continue to spend most of your life, if not the rest of it, searching for contentment and desires that you may never find. Situations and emotions happen that cause us pain, trauma, and the feeling that life will always be this way. The only way that is the truth is if you allow it to be.  

    That being said, I encourage clients to feel feelings, always. Feel the feelings of the past, of the present, and of the future, just don’t put them on to wear. Browse through them, taste test them to gain perspective then let them be as they are. Breathe no more life into them. The reality is that if you don’t break free of your limiting beliefs, you’re screwed. You end up playing them on replay over and over throughout your life. 

    I wrote an eBook that specifically helps you identify and crush your limiting beliefs. I encourage you to download it and use it as often as you need to. Limiting beliefs are often the gateway into your core wounds. Hiccups will come into our lives; it’s how we choose to handle them that is the biggest breakthrough. 

    Make manifesting easy by going beyond the belief. 

    I want you to not only discover your limiting beliefs, but I also want you to uncover where they came from. Likely, these are dark and painful places. Many people think that they’ve already tackled these things in the past but likely, all they really did was state that they happened.  

    Getting to the root of where your beliefs came from, healing them, and releasing is where the real magic happens. When you dispel your fears and move into a higher vibration, manifesting becomes not only more possible but assured.  

    Why mindset is so crucial to manifestation. 

    At this point, you may be pulling the reins back saying, “Are you f’n kidding me? What does this have to do with me making/getting XYZ anyway?”  


    Some experiences may be incredibly difficult to revisit but these are the things that keep you literally chained to the floor.  

    Whether its feelings of guilt, anger, loss, or loneliness or thoughts of being average, broken, unlovable, difficult or a loser; lack of worth is holding you back. At some point in your life, someone said or did something to you that caused you to lose or feel something about yourself. Maybe you simply witnessed something, but it affected you more than you realized.  

    I find that most emotional damage that leads to a counter-intentional mindset stems from two different types of experience: 

    • Passive Experience 

    Coming from a family that didn’t express emotions and made a habit of throwing feelings under the rug, I can tell you that shit adds up over time. I was never taught how to work through emotional situations or how to understand the feelings that accompanied them.  

    I witnessed my parents’ struggles and pain but, as a child, I didn’t understand what was going on and, at times, I felt like it was somehow my fault. How could you be affected by this?  

    You could begin to believe that what you feel doesn’t matter. I’ve had clients point out that they have had no trauma and life was “normal” so they should have nothing “wrong” with them. For one, nothing is ever wrong with you, you’ve always done the best you could with what you had, and so did everyone who has done to you. They were battling their own wars.  

    But more importantly, this passive experience that likely took years to develop created a mindset of “my feelings don’t matter.” 

    • Traumatic Experience 

    A traumatic example is when someone has endured sexual assault or physical/verbal abuse. Often, children will respond one of two ways to these experiences. They will either shut down, showing little to no affection or emotions, or do just the opposite by acting out on emotions and affections in more extreme ways such as becoming promiscuous or rebellious, etc. We become products of our environments, but the key is not allowing them to define us.   

    Regardless of how you picked-up your limiting beliefs, you didn’t get those thoughts in your head overnight. That’s years of programming going on in there. Years of habits and years of coping mechanisms employed. In order to make manifesting easy, you must reprogram your mind to support what you want to call in. 

    Regaining control of that brain of yours is step one. Reprogram one thought at a time. Deliver to yourself one ounce of truth at a time to slowly awaken and remove the layers to reveal what’s deep within.  

    I recommend reading 5 Spiritual Steps to End Limiting Beliefs to aid you in uncovering and healing your core wounds and getting control of your mindset and help make manifesting easy. 

    Danielle Aime Intuitive Life and Business Coach


  • 6 Ways To Manifest What You Want: End the Frustration of Manifesting

    End the Frustration of Manifesting

    6 Ways To Manifest What You Want: End the Frustration of Manifesting

    “You get what you think about.” Abraham Hicks

    It seems so simple, doesn’t it? Think about something and have it – or its energetic equivalent – manifest into your life. While the concept seems simple, the practice of active manifestation bears many more complications to getting what you want than you are likely able to work through.  

    A lot of the frustration of manifesting comes from the wide array of incorrect or misleading information that now exists on the topic. The truth is, the word ‘manifesting’ has been used and abused in recent years and has now become a money-making scam for many self-proclaimed “gurus” as a way to make a quick buck. 

    Getting what you want comes naturally.

    What most people don’t realize when it comes to “manifesting” is that they have been doing it their whole lives. Yep, even you. From the time we are children, we unconsciously (or consciously) bring experiences or things into our lives through the process of manifestation.  

    Don’t agree?  

    Just ask any parent who’s ever bent to the pressure of buying a toy for their child at the store. 

    The child is set on getting the object of their desire. It may take more than one trip to the store, it may take waiting until their birthday, or it may take getting a less expensive, but equally appealing toy.  

    The point is…they align with a desire, stay persistent with it and their vibrational frequency brings them the equivalent of their desire. Manifesting is the Law of Attraction, which simply means like attracts like. Your vibrational frequency plus human beliefs will equal said desires.  

    Like attracts like: Manifestation defined. 

    Our energy bodies and paths have a lot to do with what we call into our lives and we create vibrations when we create thoughts. The vibrations we create with our thoughts attract like vibrations, hence ‘like attracts like’. If you don’t like what you’re experiencing, all you need to do is change your vibration by changing your thoughts.  

    We live in a world of our own creation and we should speak only such words and think only such thoughts as we wish to see manifest in our lives. We must think only about what we wish to experience. 

    “You are a living magnet. What you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts.” Brian Tracy

    Staying present is key. 

    So, what is it that makes manifestation so difficult for some? It’s learning to master your own mind by controlling what you allow it to focus on. Controlling our thoughts takes practice and unending discipline, which is where most people fall off the rails.  

    The best way to start mastering this skill is to remember to stay focused on the present moment. Don’t linger on lost opportunities or past mistakes – and don’t fixate on the worries of tomorrow, inturn helping to ease the frustration of manifesting. 

    Feeling good now is the key to success; living in the present moment. Don’t save your happiness until after the success.  

    Being in the present moment allows you to communicate to the universe that you are right where you need to be, and that you choose to feel good now. YOU create the emotions of satisfaction, happiness, and love, not the situations outside of your control.  

    If you struggle finding acceptance in the present and have trouble stating, “I am right where I need to be”, then you need to work on finding awareness, acceptance, and appreciation for your life.  

    You can do this by finding awareness, acceptance, and appreciation in the things that you feel have pained you or kept you from progressing in life. I like to call this Authentic Internal Response 

    Authentic Internal Response occurs when the “lesson” has been learned by having met the criteria of awareness, acceptance, and appreciation.  

    Focus on what you do have. 

    What’s in the past is in the past. There’s nothing you can do to change it. You can couldawouldashoulda all day long, but doing so won’t alter the outcome or change where you are now.  

    Learn what you need from past events and then let them go. And tomorrow isn’t here yet so why worry about it? Worrying or obsessing won’t prevent things from happening. It’s important to stay in the present because it’s the only part of the time that you have any control over. 

    Choosing to feel good now by acknowledging what you do have signals Universe that you have what you want, and it strives then to deliver more of what you want. Again, like attracts like, ending the frustration of manifesting.   

    Many people believe if you were to feel good where you are now, then you would not go any further because your satisfaction would make you stuck in the current state. Au contraire, my friend! The simple thought of acceptance and appreciation for where you are has the power to manifest grander things into your life and catapult you to where you long to be 

    When one is ok with where they are, that means they can find gratitude and appreciation in what lies around them, therefore signifying to the universe, ‘Wow, I love feeling this way. I love life; it’s beautiful. Bring me more please.’ The Universe loves to please you by delivering what you want. However, you need to make sure you are telling it what you want as opposed to telling it what you don’t want 

    Think about this example: 

    You are in such a financial hole that you have no idea how you will pay your rent much less anything else that is due that month. Now instead of focusing on the lack and worry that most of us default to, try signifying to the Universe that you feel good where you are.  

    It is you saying, ‘I sehow much I do have. I have a roof over my head at this present moment. I have life. I have the ability to see, to hear, to feel, to express myself, to desire more.’ You have endless amounts of things to be grateful for, all you need to do is change your focus to see them.   

    In this light you’re no longer telling the Universe, ‘Debt, debt, debt, please bring me more.’ You are instead sending out the vibration of “I have so much, please bring me more.’ If debt is your biggest struggle in life, then my Money Mindset course may help you.  

    Rewire your thoughts. 

    Read this statement or write it down 10 times or until the lightbulb goes off:  


    The present thought is so crucial and imperative if you’re tired of the frustration of manifesting not happening in your favor. It helps to be consciously aware of what you are saying to your brain so you can feed it the thoughts that amplify manifestation. Read or write down this next statement 20 times each day until you really feel it and believe it. 

    I am right where I need to be. 

    When you get yourself into this mindset, things around you become much easier and dare I say magical.  

    Detach from immediacy. 

    The counter-intuitive factor at play is what’s meant for you to have and when. Occasionally we can be quite hasty and very impatient beings; we like to see results yesterday. It can be hard to wait for the outcome, but again, don’t allow your impatient thoughts to take over and create resistance to your desires.   

    Think of it like this: If life was always one way and you got anything you wanted with a snap of a finger without any effort or desire, life would be so redundant and systematic with zero perspectives.  

    Life is full of contrasts and lessons, and if it weren’t so, it would be boring AF. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take a life of contrasts with all the painful downs so I can also experience the beautiful ups over redundant and boring any day 

    Getting what you want in life shouldn’t be an almighty struggle. Focus on the good, consciously rewire your thought pattern and be patient. If you can do just this, you will capture the art of manifestation.  

    Danielle Aime Intuitive Life and Business Coach


  • 4 Ways To Make Learning Self-Love & Discovery Not Be So Damn Awkward

    Learning Self-Love & Self-Discovery

    4 Ways To Make Learning Self-Love & Discovery Not Be So Damn Awkward

    Not only is self-love a foreign concept for most, but the idea of self-love can also feel uncomfortable AF. I mean think about it; is there anything else more intimate than the idea of self-love? Going inward and giving your mind, your spirit and your body all the attention, care, and affection you would normally reserve for the others in your life isn’t a concept we’ve grow up becoming accustomed to.

    Self-Love isn’t a Fad Diet

    Once you’ve wrapped your mind around the idea that this intimacy with yourself is non-negotiable and necessary to live a fulfilled life, you need to start taking the (sometimes painfully) awkward steps that will get you there.

    We haven’t exactly been raised with a self-love guidebook to help us along. In fact, the entire idea of it hasn’t really been openly talked about until the last decade or so. Despite its newness, the self-love revolution that’s slowly taking hold in the world isn’t a fad. It’s a spiritual awakening to a very life-affirming necessity that has been stripped of us for centuries.

    When you think about the traditional school’s focus on high grades to “get a good job”, television commercials and ads with “must-have” messages voiced over utopic images of happy people doing happy things with their happy smiles, and iconic literature like the Great Gatsby that literally revolves around glorifying one man’s idea of greatness through material illusions, it’s easy to recognize we have been coerced to believe that only things of external value create true happiness. It’s a total fucking sham. And the lies are finally coming home to roost.

    Step into Self-Love Consciousness

    Waking up to the fact that every value you’ve built your life around is a sham, designed to keep you an unconscious prisoner of life is often shocking and painful. It’s tough to recognize external validation for the steaming hot cup of bullshit it is, but it’s also empowering.

    I found that there is only one thing that heals every problem, and that is: to know how to love yourself. – Louise Hay

    Hyper-focusing on the external things you desire; people, money, business, etc., are reflections of the voids inside of yourself. Skipping over your internal voids keeps you unconscious to the internal turmoil that has you always searching, always longing, and always unfulfilled.

    How do you find self-love? You dig. You isolate and you ache from being lonely. You heal. You accept. You look in the mirror and see the Universe. – Danielle Aime

    Learning Self-Love is the Epicenter of a Fulfilled Life

    Your deep, internal self is where the magic happens. If your internal self is dark, full of shame, guilt, self-blame, or is in any way being rejected or ignored, nothing you do or have in your life will bring you peace.

    On the flip-side, if your internal self is connected to your consciousness, loved, honored, and nurtured, your whole life turns around. You are then able to not only create the external life that you want, but you can enjoy the external results that come from internal love and connection.

    How much you love yourself is what determines your fulfillment in life. -Danielle Aime

    Shine from Within Through Acceptance

    When you love yourself exactly as you are, you begin to shine from within. Your external environment becomes a beautiful life, adorned with all the things you thought you had to start with to make you happy. Ironically, it’s the internal acceptance that creates that visual of external results you’ve been looking for.

    If you aren’t familiar with HOW to love yourself, you’re not alone. Self-love is often simplified down to a hot bath or a relaxing massage. These are nice things to do for yourself, but they skip over the internal work that’s required to achieve self-love and put you back where you are most comfortable: external devices! It feels good at the moment, but when you get out of the tub, you go right back to a life with more pain, fear, and struggle than you want or is necessary.

    To achieve self-love, you’re going to have to dig deep and learn how to become fully present to yourself. This means the discomfort of exploring your truest-self, understanding who she really is, what she really needs, and then showering her with the attention and acceptance she needs. Only then can something like a hot bath be relevant to loving yourself.

    The Maverick Blueprint for Self-Love If you know me at all, then you’ll know I don’t do anything by-the-book. I am a self-professed Spiritual Maverick and I work with clients who have that burning desire to step outside the comfort zone of what society deems as normal. The blueprint below shows you how to start learning self-love through self-exploration, acceptance, and healing.

    Stop Comparing!

    Susie may manifest more in her life simply because her self-worth confidence love meter in that sector of her life is full – YOURS is not. Accept that you are not Susie, you are you. Find awareness inside of yourself and you will find the answers to your life that you desire deep within.

    Accept where you are at with loving yourself.

    It’s ok for it to feel weird about soulfully exploring yourself. Don’t make it worse by being hard on yourself for not feeling like a divine goddess through it all. No one learns self-love in a week.

    That hesitation that comes up is your ego-signal trying to keep you comfortable and in the same place. Push through that discomfort and see what’s on the other side. Allow for mistakes and don’t judge the feelings that will bubble up by going inward.

    Identify internal voids you may be trying to fill through external sources/validations.

    This can be effing hard to do on your own. My previous blog about Inner Work talks about my own struggles with it and outlines the ways I recommend exploring your inner-self.

    Take action to heal.

    You can start to implement some self-care routines as a part of self-love. But be certain you aren’t just doing something because someone says it’s a nice thing to do for yourself. You want to purposely and consciously move forward in such a way that serves you and nourishes your spirit.

    Honestly, this doesn’t have to be hard. Simple things like 15 minutes of guided meditation, taking a walk to clear your mind, or practicing mirror work are simple and cost-effective ideas. Play around with this, make it fun, and only do what feels good.

    Learning self-love is a continuous practice, be gentle, give grace and grow.


  • How to Overcome Shame and Take Back Your Power and Worth

    How to Overcome Shame and Take Back Your Power and Worth

    How to Overcome Shame and Take Back Your Power and Worth

    You are worthy.  

    Just reading those words on the page can send you into an uncomfortable squirm, can’t they?  

    I know, I know...I hear all the time from clients about how they may feel worthy ‘over here’ in their life, but not ‘over there.’ They can’t really see how wonderful they are. Despite their successes and commitment to personal growth, they still focus on their past mistakes.  

    When guilt over the past and judgments from others seep into every part of your life, you start to believe you are not enough. And so, the cycle begins to overcome shame.  

    Hey, I get it. I used to be like this too. But I let go of my own cycle of shame long ago and learned to embrace my worth. This was a key factor to my own awakening and becoming the best, most real version of myself I could be. 

    What is Shame? 

    Externally, shame can look like a lot of different things: anger, fear, guilt, low confidence, silence. Many people think guilt and shame are, in fact, interchangeable, but they are not. Shame goes beyond guilt. 

    Guilt comes from feeling bad about something you’ve done that you feel was wrong. It’s about feeling terrible about a behavior. Shame is believing that your very being is wrong.  

    Shame is really a form of spiritual suicide. By believing that your being is wrong, you slowly kill your sense of intrinsic worth. By not feeling worthy, you are detached from your soul-self, and you feel empty, lost, and afraid. It’s lonely as hell. 

    Your past does not define you. 

    Look, I lose my shit sometimes. I’ve blown up on my son or my husband more than once. I’ve had clients who frustrate the living daylights out of me, then be ashamed of myself that I was feeling that way when I should know better as a coach.  

    Do I feel bad about it when I eff up? Absolutely. But I have come to accept that we all have emotions. We all have bad days. I have learned that it does not serve my clients or me one bit to allow the guilt over a less-than-desirable behavior to turn into the shame that keeps me paralyzed in unworthiness. 

    I realized had to love myself enough to forgive myself, release it and keep moving forward towards my highest good. That was the first step behind not allowing guilt from a mistake to morph into shame for being who I am. 

    Why do some people feel more shame than others? 

    Often, the seeds of shame are planted in childhood. If you grew up in an environment that was emotionally abusive or neglectful your chances of carrying intense shame are higher.   

    Any environment that makes you feel unworthy, inferior, or just plain “not enough” will cause you to feel shame if you are exposed to it long enough. Other ways shame can start to take over your life is through mental illness or trauma that are left untreated and unhealed.  

    It’s interesting to note that men and women respond to shame differently.  Psychologist Krystalynn Salters-Pedneault, Ph.D., says, “…men with shame-based low self-esteem tend to “act out” through anger and violent behavior toward others, and women to “act in” by turning their feelings inward and hating themselves.”  

    How to rid yourself of the cycle of shame. 

    Regret will bring you nothing. Bashing yourself will never take back the past. Allow the acknowledgment that you are a beautiful being experiencing life in all its contrasts

    Talk about it 

    Well, known shame researcher and author Brene Brown says shame cannot survive being spoken. Talk about a mic-drop.  

    The first thing we want to do when we feel guilt or embarrassment is keeping it silent. This produces wonderful conditions for that feeling to fester and intensify from internal self-talk.  

    Airing it out, giving it the light of day, and practicing vulnerability will release it from inside you and give it nowhere else to grow, which i find to be the easiest way to let go and overcome shame 


    Don’t feel bad about your success.  

    It’s easy to see how negative circumstances and behaviors can lead to shame. Surprisingly, so can success and good fortune For instance, when I got to the point of no longer struggling financially, had no debt, and great income, I would feel intense shame when people in my family talked about their struggles. 

    One researcher suggests that if you start going down the path of negative self-talk, dismiss it and switch to the positive, motivating “Voice of Intelligence”. The voice of intelligence is the affirming thoughts or phrases that are usually buried under your thoughts of shame.  

    He suggests keeping a list of phrases on your smartphone or desk calendar for easy reference when needed, so you don’t need to try and come up with them on-the-spot. 

    Don’t beat yourself up because of your struggle.  

    Remember that no matter where you are or what you’ve done, nothing is set in stone.  

    I used to be a whole lotta things – and I wouldn’t label them as anything to be proud of. Depressive train-wreck, negative-Nelly, food binger, living above my means, fake, buying my happiness, not telling the whole story, you name it. For a time, I was lost. And I carried intense shame about it.  

    What did I do to heal that history? Grace.

    I gave myself – and that lost girl – grace. I realized that version of me wasn’t broke because she didn’t make enough. She was broke because she didn’t believe she was enoughSpending and filling my life with things was the only tool I knew at the time to try and fill that void of ‘enoughness.’   

    Now when I think of that time, how far I have come, and how much I have learned I feel proud. I know had to be that version of myself to become this version of myself. It was part of my soul’s journey and it was the experience that I required to learn about grace. 

    We get the chance EVERY SINGLE DAYEVERY SINGLE HOUR, to start anew. To change, through free will and choice. Don’t let shame rob you of that choice. Release yourself from the past and move your life forward; you CAN overcome shame.  

    danielle aime spiritual teacher intuitive business coach


  • Mom guilt, it’s a real thing: Here Are 3 Ways To Help Overcome Guilt

    Mom guilt, it’s a real thing: Here Are 3 Ways To Help Overcome Guilt

    Mom guilt, it’s a real thing: Here Are 3 Ways To Help Overcome Guilt

    Why is mom guilt even a thing?

    We live in a society that is grossly obsessed with perfection. Perfect body, perfect hair, perfect career path, perfect kids – and most of all – perfect women. Women face extraordinary pressure to maintain all of the above and more….well….perfectly. This obsession with perfection isn’t conducive to trying to banish mom guilt, but rather, it perpetuates it. 

    The delightful kicker here is that despite society’s generalized idea of perfection, there are also endless double-standards and conflicting ideals that make it even harder for moms to live-up to everyone’s expectations of how they raise their children. 

    Expectations cause pressure. Pressure creates misalignment. Misalignment results in guilt. 

    Calling out the bullshit.

    I’m calling out these impossible standards right here and now, and I invite you to kick their ass to the curb with me. Unrealistic and decidedly boring expectations of ‘perfection’ are just one more way society is set up to keep you feeling small. 

    First things first: You are not just a mom, or a wife, or an employee or a business owner. You are an extraordinary Being with purpose. Those other things are labels to describe your physical circumstances. They do not represent the essence of your soul. They aren’t YOU.

    By being connected to your inner-self, you truly know yourself and the expectations of others begin to slide off you, reducing the feeling of pressure. As a mother, you can then start to make decisions for your kids and go through your day based on your true Being. This puts you closer to or in the space of alignment. Guilt does not exist within the alignment.

    How common is mom guilt?

    There’s a hella lotta guilty moms out there. 

    And guess what?? There are loads of ways that regular mom guilt can be supersized. Yayyyy…

    For example, single moms have extremely high rates of guilt. MAD props to you women – I don’t know how the eff you guys do it. I sometimes experience huge “I’m gonna lose it” stress when my husband leaves for over 24 hours at the firehouse. If that can get rough for me, I can’t imagine it day-in, day-out.

    Let’s not forget that shaming is still a real thing that exists for stay at home moms, which substantially increases feelings of guilt. Guilt over not contributing to household income and buying into the judgments of others that they somehow “have it easier” than working moms adds to feeling ‘not enough’.

    On the other hand, working moms are plagued with guilt, too. See, there’s extra guilt for everybody! No mom left behind! Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. It seems no matter what you do, it’s not good enough for anyone. 

    The prognosis for relieving mom guilt is bad here, I know. But I promise you, Linda, there is a way out of the shitty guilt spiral that society thrusts in your face at every turn.

    end your limiting beleifs

    How To Banish Mom Guilt.

    As I’ve talked about before, self-love and honoring yourself comes from choosing yourself first. If you want to get off the mom guilt-train, you need to learn to love yourself from the inside and put that into practice especially as a mom.

    When you get deep into self-love, you connect with your truest, highest version of yourself and you become confident in the knowledge that you are enough. 

    “FFS, Danielle. I’m a mom. How the hell am I supposed to get all deep and self-lovey while dealing with a screaming toddler and baby barf all day long?”

    I’m glad you asked, Linda – I’ve got you covered. 

    • Practice self-compassion like your life depends on it (it kinda does). 

    This literally takes no extra time – it takes discipline. Self-compassion is described as the capacity to be kind and accepting toward yourself, and willing to forgive your fumbles and imperfections. You can achieve this by changing your internal dialogue as you go about your day. 

    From: “I am a total shit for yelling at him so much today.”

    To: “I know that’s not my normal. I did the best I could on a monumentally hard day.”

    From: “I’m failing. I can’t keep up with all this. I SUCK at momming.”

    To: “Today was tough. No wonder, I am running on 3 hours of sleep.”

    • Doing something just for YOU.

    As moms, there is a lot of pressure and guilt associated with whether we should do things for ourselves or not – because ya know Aunt Barbra has a big-ass mouth and will say you’re selfish if you take a weekend away for yourself. 

    Aunt Barbara be damned, be an amazing role model to your kids anyway by choosing yourself first sometimes and not being your own afterthought. Teach your daughter that society has created some major stigmas on mommas and show her how you’re rewriting those stories for yourself – and for her. 

    • Don’t be shy to ask for help.

    Need a hand? Cue the pride factor!! 

    Asking for help: It’s. So. Hard.

    Look, I get it. We have 4367 things to do in a day as mothers, but we must remember how important it is to have help bringing that number down. Now, don’t going asking for support from Aunt Barbara – or even your own mother – if you know it’s going to come with a side order of shame-bolstering judgments on your parenting style. 

    Seek support from friends and family who you know will help you without the side-eye. If you aren’t blessed with that currently in your life, find ways to connect to other mothers in community groups, join mom meet-ups or hire out help. 

    Even 2 hours of help a week can really make a difference. It’s not easy to build a village if you don’t already have one in place, but it’s worth it and necessary. 

    Be the best version of yourself so you can be the best version of mom to them.

    danielle aime spiritual teacher intuitive business coach


  • How to Manifest Your Best Life by Controlling Your Emotions

    How to Manifest Your Best Life
    How to Manifest Your Best Life by Controlling Your Emotions

    If you spend two minutes in the online spiritual space, you’re likely to come across the widely used and misunderstood topic of manifestation. Spend more than a few months trying it out and you’re likely to require a rubber room for all your confusion, frustration, and mental exhaustion. This is because the notion of feelings-based manifestation is not widely known or practiced.

    Manifestation is THE mammoth emotional hell roller-coaster of all spiritual practices. There are thousands of manifestation experts out there claiming they have the ONE way to beat all ways for ensuring you receive everything you desire. Yet they seldom work for more than a handful of people.

    Are these so-called experts all frauds? No, but for the most part, they are trying to explain a complex and often life-long study into a simple, one-size-fits-all answer. This then promotes a false idea of instant success and gratification.

    Feelings-based manifestation, your own way.

    As much of a complete mindfuckery practicing manifestation can be, there is something you can do (besides crying into a bottle of shiraz) that will dramatically increase your likelihood of success. That is to practice FEELING into your desires. To be more precise, it’s your emotional energy that plays the biggest role in all manifestation.

    “There is only one way, your way.” Danielle Aime 

    The process for how you get to that emotional state might be very personal, and there are many proven techniques, but it all comes back to finding what works for you to get your emotions to the state they need to be for your desires to materialize.

    Change your feelings, change your vibration.

    Feelings-based manifestation is a very simple concept, but we make it hard by over-complicating how to do it.

    “Negative emotions are like unwelcome guests. Just because they show up on our doorsteps doesn’t mean they have a right to stay.”
    Deepak Chopra 

    Our thoughts and feelings emit a vibrational frequency. Vibration is a Universal language and every being in the Universe speaks it fluently whether they know it or not. We don’t learn how to speak vibrations. They are the emotional energy that we naturally transmit to everyone and everything around us through our feelings. The biggest emitter of vibrations are thoughts, which is why it is imperative to get ahold of your limiting beliefs so you can switch your emotional energy into the vibrational frequency of your desire.

    Feel all the feels.

    Feeling a wide range of emotions is part of our everyday life. But so is not feeling our emotions. Many of us stuff down unwanted feelings to avoid feeling the pain or grief associated with them, turning feelings into core beliefs about ourselves and the world that lower our energetic vibration.

    When you become paralyzed by feelings you then begin living a reactive life; you are reacting to things as they happen. Then you hurry to stuff the feelings down to avoid prolonging the discomfort until the next unpleasant situation occurs, leaving the unresolved feelings to lurk there just beneath the surface and form your core beliefs.

    This emotional-based living equals a slow drip of anesthetic. All feelings should be felt, but it’s how you process the thoughts behind your feelings that change your vibrational frequency.

    The secret behind manifesting is not getting locked into the dreadful feelings that occur when bad things happen. Instead, acknowledge those feelings and then immerse yourself in the thoughts and feelings of having what you desire.

    Choose your feelings, choose your life.

    Your life is a mirror and what you are experiencing in the physical reflects what you have become internally; you emit it out. This is usually a hard pill to swallow and many get defensive because they can’t fathom that they are a part of the events unfolding in their life.

    But what if I turned that same concept around and told you that you can control and change what’s happening around you? Does that feel better? More empowering?

    When we choose to change the way we feel, we allow a much grander thing to unfold. We impose a change upon the entire world. Literally, one small feeling can radiate out into the Universe, creating a ripple effect that begins to shift humanity into something better.

    The world around us is mirroring humanity in its current vibrational state. The motto ‘what you focus on grows’ is a literal interpretation of reality. Let’s sum this up into a more digestible statement: change the way you feel – you create change upon the Universe. This, in turn, buys you even more time to change the things inside you to then have even more positive experiences around you.

    Remember the world is your mirror. The mirror in which shows you through people what you need changes, who you desire to be, who you deny you are. The more toxicity in human thought, the more of a cesspool the world really is.

    Lean into the feelings of having your desires.

    Now that you have identified core beliefs that are holding your back and understand the connection between internal feelings and vibrational frequency, you are ready to feel as if you already have what you are asking the Universe to give you. Feel the feelings you would have if you already lived in the home of your dreams, if you already shared your life with your perfect partner, or if you were already financially free.

    Here’s an example of practicing feelings-based manifestation:

    Limiting Belief: I’ve always been poor. Therefore, I’ll never be able to pay off my bills. (Vibrational frequency tells the Universe: You are poor and you can’t pay your bills.)

    New Choice: I’ve always been poor, and that sucked. But I did my best with what I knew at the time. I know I can turn it around because I am learning, and I am worthy of having everything I

    desire – just like everyone else is. (Vibrational frequency shifts into: I have hope. I can. I am deserving.)

    Lean into Feelings of Paying Bills with Ease: Now you imagine going to the mailbox and only receiving surprise parcels and unexpected cheques. Feel the joy, the comfort, and the fun associated with that. When you find coins on the ground, focus on the feeling of how easy abundance just shows up in your life. Make common occurrences become something extraordinary.

    Focus on what it feels like to be so incredibly financially abundant. Feel what it feels like to enjoy the freedom that comes with doing, buying, giving, receiving, going wherever you please whenever you please, and knowing that you are worthy of it all.

    Shift to this space as many times as you can throughout your days to re-program your mindset and establish a new baseline for receiving.

    Vibrational energy is contagious.

    Understand the relationship between non-physical force and the physical world. There is a non-physical power within us that brings whatever heals our bodies and minds and even brings peace to the earth. By controlling our minds and regulating our feelings, we awaken the possibilities and we invite them to become the overlay that we experience. When you move the limiting beliefs out of the way and debunk them, you open up a window inside yourself to feel differently, to allow more in, and to buy into the feeling of what it is you desire, as if it was here at this very moment.

    If you continue to just ignore and walk away from conquering the low vibrational energy of your core beliefs of self, you will continue to attract into your life everything you don’t want, because that is where your focus and feeling continues to be.

    danielle aime spiritual teacher intuitive business coach


  • How to Strengthen Your Intuition & Increase Your Spiritual Gifts

    How to Strengthen Your Intuition & Increase Your Spiritual Gifts

    How to Strengthen Your Intuition & Increase Your Spiritual Gifts & Connection

    You don’t need things to become more spiritual. 

    Tarot cards, crystals, sage OH MY!

    Since the dawn of human existence, we have perpetuated the use of many mystic tools to become more spiritual. Moon rituals, yoni eggs, oils, and the like are often considered great ways to enhance your spiritual journey. But they can also get you caught up more in illusions than in bringing you closer to the truth.  Especially if you want to utilize your intuition. 

    But Danielle, I LOVE my crystal-oil-blue-room-meditation-healing-while-sitting-on-my-sacred-pillow-golden-light-halo-lamp ritual!! How can you ever expect me to believe that it’s not helping me be more spiritual!?!  

    It’s ok Betty. You can have an entire amethyst cave chock-full of your favorite tools and have them be meaningful to you. If that’s what you choose, and it feels good for you – have at it!  

    But you don’t NEED any of that to be a more spiritual being. You can’t be more spiritual than you already ARE. You ARE Spirit. Becoming more spiritual to strengthen your intuition is about returning to our natural state. 

    You are a spiritual being. 

    It’s important to remember you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Not the other way around. 

    Your soul ascended here in human form to embark on a pre-determined journey of growth in perspective 

    Spiritual accessories can help you learn and inspire your human-ness to be in a more spiritual mood. But the tools are not what makes you become more spiritual. They are just things, helping your human-self along in understanding.   

    So, what really makes you more spiritual? 

    Trust and belief in yourself, that you already possess infinite possibility, and that you fully embody spirit within you is really the only ‘thing’ you need to move closer to Spirit.  

    If you hold faith you NEED tools or things to bring you to your desired state of oneness with the Creator, you will likely be highly disappointed. Relying on spiritual knick-knacks to bring you faith, contentment or joy is what puts people in a constant state of highs and lows when pursuing their highest potential.  

    Hey, I get it. It feels good to get something new, that you feel connected to. But going that extra mile of willing it to be what brings you to the state of Being you’ve been searching for is whats holding you back from your purest spiritual form.  

    It’s not that thing that brings you closer to Spirit. It’s acknowledging and connecting to your inner Source that ensures you are living consciously, therefore becoming more “spiritual”.  

    5 simple steps to end your limiting beliefs
    Don’t fall into comparison. 

    This is another way we humans tend to fuel ourselves– off the comparison to others. Examples:  

    “She meditates for an hour every single day – if I did that, I’d be WAY more spiritual.” (Secretly hates meditating..) 

    “She’s so good at reading cards. I can’t read cards as well, I don’t have gifts like that.” (Secretly skeptical about cards.) 

    “She held a crystal and manifested $100 bucks! That NEVER happens to me and I own $5,627 worth of crystals. What am I doing WRONG!” (Secretly knows NOTHING about crystals. Just heard they were good for spirituality.) 

    Sound remotely familiar? Don’t worry, I won’t judge you. It’s part of the human path to our soul’s calling to search out external help. I will tell you, however, that it’s this way of thinking that gets us in all kinds of ruts when trying to become more spiritual.  

    It’s not the things we use to enhance or aid us in our spiritual journey that makes us spiritual. It is you and I and everyone. Fully and completely, without any accessories.  

    -Danielle Aime

    Kat Horodyski of My Spiritual Roadtrip describes the concept of true spirituality by saying that in her own journey, being spiritual is more about putting energy behind that which is full of love, instead of that which is out of obligation or fear.  

    If you fear you aren’t really spiritual without a stick of Palo Santo in your hand, you’re missing the point of true spirituality. When in a state of comparison, you are focusing more on the thing that played a role in someone’s experience than you are on the state of Being the human was in while using that thing.

    Spirit is already within you. It’s right there. It’s not a set of beliefs, there are no rules to follow to unveil it, and tools aren’t needed to get to it. Yes, you can choose to have them there if it makes you feel good and helps you move towards your highest state. But possessing them or partaking in things you don’t really feel aligned with is not making you more spiritual.  

    Spirituality is oneness with the Creator. Realizing you are not alone and an infinitely powerful being. 

    -Danielle Aime

    How to strengthen your intuition to tap into your natural state of spiritual gifts without all the things. 

    Develop, listen to and use your intuition. It’s as simple as that. Honestly, if we all practiced developing just this one thing, our entire world would be a completely different place.  

    Trusting yourself and having faith that you are divine and one with Spirit will lead to you trust the feelings and messages you get when going inward, beyond that human suit of yours. Intuition is our pre-existing, soul-guidance system that gives us all we need to live a more spiritually-rich life. 

    Ask and Listen to Strengthen Your Intuition

    Develop intuition by asking yourself questions, listening to what comes up, and trusting it. Questions to ask yourself might be: 

    What levels of yourself have you still not unlocked? Where have you not found acceptance? Where do you still dim your shine? Where is your voice shut off? Where in your life are you scared to not fit the ‘norm’?   

    Your inner guidance system will guide you in the highest light, with the least amount of struggle.  It’s the human beings we are that allows us the free will to choose how to react to our intuition, what to listen to and what to ignore.   

    It’s free will that often moves us away from trusting our intuition. Human fear (ego) is what’s created an entire planet that seems dedicated to ignoring this single, most important sense. It’s our human-ness that muddies the waters and tells us we need to look outward to a thing to gain a higher perspective and spiritual connection. 

    The more you trust yourself, the more you will be open to receive the spiritual guidance that we’ve come to know as intuition.  The more you actively explore your intuition, the more you will learn to distinguish between the guidance of higher self and of fear-based ego (human free will) that we tend to adhere to more. 

    danielle aime spiritual teacher intuitive business coach