Awaken Your Lightbody

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Either way, you are on a conscious path of seeking more happiness, more self-expression and living the truth of who you are.

You are tired of the slow progression from one stage to the next and you want to achieve more spiritual growth in a shorter time-frame – without the usual pain and exhaustion that comes with it. 

you have been dimmed

How long have you been hiding? 

You get hint after hint, a nudge here or there and then the blinking signs showing you WHO YOU ARE! 

That you are more than average, different than many, and extraordinary.

This program is for you if

You know to listen to your inner guidance system, and you know your soul is leading you without question.

You love the feeling after a spiritual shift, and you want to keep rising higher and higher.

You want to raise your consciousness to levels you didn't know you had.

You want to connect to spirit in a deeper, more profound way.

You want to connect beyond our galaxy to other Light-Beings who are working with Gaia to help planet Earth create a viral outbreak of self-awakening. 

You want to use your gifts to enlighten others during this time of conscious awakening.

why this?

I want to share an opportunity for Lightworkers to be that much closer to happiness, peace, fulfillment and harmony in both their human and spiritual aspects.  

My goal is to create a space of no fluff, no systems, no requirements to advance your future. A place you get the opportunity just to BE.   

I want you to know and feel the power you hold. And to understand that your energy can become even more intense as you are led to the next stage in your life.   


In Awaken Your Lightbody you will


Feel a deeper connection to your inner Being. 


Expand the gateway between yourself and Spirit.  


Raise your vibration and consciousness at an accelerated pace.  


Release the need to dig in the shadows (focus on “blocks”) to raise your vibration.   


Bring more peace, healing and nurturing to yourself and others.   


Use your expansion to bring your gifts to the world.  


Connect deeper to Gaia (Earth Mother) and in turn, contribute to saving the planet. 


Attune with gifts you didn’t even know you had.  


Experience being fully in-tune with the energy of love and compassion.  

the time is now

Through accelerated energy work and intense channeling, you will experience the shedding of old layers and learn how to share your inner-lightworker with the world.  

what's included (REG. $497)

• 8 High vibrational channeled DNA activation clearings, awakenings, and indoctrinations delivered through me from the Council of Light.

A 30-minute opening activation meditation to open the gateway between you and spirit  

• Connecting to Lightbeings directly through Channeling  

Lightbeings each carry a specialty focus such as covering light activations, fine-tuning intentions/manifestations, forgiveness, embracing and rising into inner wisdom, transcendence, releasing illusions, and how to find and use your inner strength.

• Soul journaling exercises

• Activating & Accepting Inner Authority [Attunement]

• Lifetime access to the course content 

I may be leading the pack BUT…

 I have gone through and will always continue to go through the same profound shifts in my own consciousness. I know how frightening, exhausting and just plain HARD the shifts that move us towards our soul’s purpose can be. I know how lonely and emotionally draining it is. And I don’t want you to do this alone.    

If you feel called to join me, other soul-seekers and Lightbeings in creating your spiritual breakthrough in a circle of conscious awakening, love and compassion, I invite you to join us now. 

they said


I highly recommend her in any capacity.

If you are looking to dive deep into yourself and really look truthfully at who you are and where you want to be this is a good way to get there. Danielle is straight up, to the point, loving, kind, so amazing and over delivering all the time.. I highly recommend her in any capacity. I look forward to working with her in the future.


I admire the work you do helping other women to empower themselves.

Danielle was the perfect push I needed to start working on myself and digging deep into the unknown. It’s been a few weeks since I finished it and I’m now seeing how much of a positive impact its made on my journey. Danielle, I appreciate everything that you’ve done for me, opening up my eyes and I admire the work you do helping other women to empower themselves. Thank you!!!


If you’re drawn to her find a way to work with her.

Danielle has helped me open my eyes to so much. She has taught me so much about self love. She is amazing at what she does! She is real, raw and honest. If you’re drawn to her find a way to work with her. You won’t be sorry!


I gained so much more self-confidence and self-love

This woman is amazing and will change your life! I gained so much more self-confidence and self-love, together we help each other grow.


I feel so much more balanced.

Danielle Aime…..words seem so tiny so, I am also setting the intention that you feel this in your heart when you read it. I am so absolutely thankful for you and whatever beautiful weird twist of fate it was that brought me in your orbit with all these absolutely stunning people. I have been feeling myself shift and going through spiritual growth pains. After last week’s healing, I feel so much more balanced.


The way that you transition in your rise in consciousness depends on your willingness to live and think in a new way.  

The most significant advantage of raising consciousness allows you to recognize the parts of yourself that have become dormant and shut away as you lived the path of conditioning from family, friends, and society. 

Let’s tell the ego, the people that don’t get you, and overwhelm to take a hike, shall we?

I don't want you to miss out in the fast-track.

So I’m sharing this very special offer to you for only $77 more. You know their is more, it’s time to activate it.

We both know that price is ridiculous. But there is a lot going on in the world right now. Helping conscious creators, lightworkers, and spiritual healers get their light out NOW–not later staying in hiding–is what I’m after with this**