• Create movement, and bloom into your life

    When you hear the words movement and momentum, they seem physical; I find them emotional and a missing element in someone’s life. It’s not always with having to add something else to your to-do list. Sometimes it’s being present, rewiring, re changing, and rearranging how you think, more importantly, how you feel about yourself.

    I think it can be the greatest challenge of all, though, because we struggle to be present enough to know what we need.


  • To the Mom, That Defined Her Worth By A Number

    I think this needs to be discussed today with the mom, who didn’t make six figures after you had your baby or while you had your kids. Thankfully, I have noticed more things said on normalizing the struggles of being a mom. So today, I want to dive into this false perception and unrealistic boxes we put ourselves in to try to find and check the box of what we think success looks like in our minds.

    I have been in the world of entrepreneurship for a long time, since 2008. I had my first child in 2017; I had my son that February.

    I remember when I was pregnant with him, I thought, and I had this dream, that everything was going to take off even more.

    I’ll tell you what made me plant this thought in my mind. And this is what I want you guys to hear: we often are planting many of these things around us–these expectations of what we should be like and how.

    Then we hold ourselves to this crazy expectation of what we need to be. And if we don’t, we fail ourselves.

    So from pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, or what that was supposed to be like to then business, even how my baby was supposed to act.

    I’m here to tell you, I struggled so fucking bad, kid one and with kid two, because then in 2019, I had my daughter, and in between that, I had a miscarriage.

    It was not easy for me, like it wasn’t easy at all, mentally and emotionally.

    Let’s backtrack some and talk about where some of the plantings started for me. So before I got pregnant with my son, I was in a mastermind, and there was someone in there that became one of those “internet sensations.” And she became pretty well known in the industry, at least for a few years. I don’t know how she is anymore, but it seems she’s gone off the radar. I’m not going to say her name because I don’t think it matters.

    But anyway, I was in a mastermind with her. And her story at the time, I think she had already had two sons, and she was pregnant with her third baby. So her story ended up becoming, I went from welfare to become a millionaire.

    Because I was in the same mastermind as her, I knew the numbers that she shared. And so her very first launch, she made like $60,000, and she was pregnant. And she’s like, Yeah, “I think a lot of my success is because I was pregnant,” you know.

    So fwd a year or so, and now I’m preggo. My brain instantly goes back to the chick in my mastermind that breastfeeds while hosting a webinar and making her first million-dollar year.

    Keep this in mind; I have this all banked in my brain. And what this did was after I had my son or while I was pregnant with my son is create these expectations of what I should be doing with myself. So I began defining myself as worth from this.

    I had all these expectations from where and how I would give birth and how the business would blow up and grow astronomically, all while breastfeeding my calm, sleepy baby.

    I picked this place that I ended up not even giving birth to it or getting transferred to a hospital. I had complications with a 23-hour labor. My son got stuck in the womb-like he had a meconium womb. So like everything just led up to where I had a baby that came out crying. And he didn’t stop crying for years. He fought sleeping all the time, so there was a lot of crying. I didn’t even have the so-called newborn sleep they do the first few weeks- nope, just crying.

    Many nights of me in the fetal position crying, on the floor next to his bed. So many nights of me holding him in my arms screaming until he exhausted himself out, or finally, my only reprieve at night was the swing. Thank god for that fucking thing. (more judgment and shame came with that because who leaves their baby in a swing! I did, Susan, I did.)

    Also, I am still trying to pursue this dream because I defined my self-worth by it. I didn’t have success breastfeeding my son. I felt like a disappointment there. I had this dream that I would have the baby on the teat as I was doing business. Or the baby that naps while you work or gently coos next to you in their little seat, nope and nope.

    I didn’t get that shit. And I made myself feel so bad about it. I defined my self-worth by it. And I started to blame my son.

    It makes me feel silly now typing this, but this was real life for me.

    So for the moms out there that may have already had, you already have your kids. So then you can’t figure out how to find the time to do stuff, or for those of you who have babies or had a baby and you feel like a pile of worthless shit, I get it. And yeah, it doesn’t help when there are tons of people out there. I know people, two people right now. One is pregnant with her second child. The other has a six-month-old that are launching like mom programs, and how they become millionaires is like new moms and all the stuff like, good for them, like seriously.

    The point I’m trying to get across here is we have to realize that we’re not these people, and it doesn’t have to be eye-rolling that somebody else is doing it and eye-rolling that you’re not.

    I want you to give yourself grace. We must repeatedly remind ourselves to provide ourselves with grace like we’re so fucking hard on ourselves.

    It’s ridiculous we hold ourselves to in this glass jar that’s so fragile that we’re constantly beating down on the ground, just waiting for the time that it shatters. Yet, when it does, we’re so baffled when it happens.

    What if we step back and glance at our reflection of our surface of who we are and look inside? There’s so much to see.

    And that what is this big rush? Like what is this big rush that we keep trying to follow in a cheat? Like who? Who are we trying to prove this to like, who are we trying to prove it to? Because anytime in my life when I started to step back, I finally began to surrender to being a mom to my son.

    I’m not gonna say it’s, oh, because I surrendered that I finally found my business success, but it had a huge part of when things began to take shape for me.

    What was going on behind all of this was grace, forgiveness, stillness. I was learning to embrace this hole in me, this part that was trying to find self-fulfillment through external means and my children.

    We have this perception of how things are supposed to be in this linear life. Yet, you may have the knowledge that you know life is not meant to be linear. And if this is your first time hearing that, welcome life is not intended to be linear.

    Life is like a roller coaster. And if you think about roller coasters, there are like roller coasters for toddlers. So all roller coasters aren’t going to give you the ride of your life.

    Then there’s like, even almost like a roller coaster that’s almost more like a train. I can practically remember this as a kid. It went slow. If anything, it was almost like a scenic route, okay, but it was considered a roller coaster. So I want you just to see life that way. Like everything isn’t always 92 miles an hour, sometimes it’s like two miles an hour, and it may be moving slower than your mind’s expectations.

    And maybe your baby didn’t breastfeed, and you wanted it to, that doesn’t mean you’re a failure. And perhaps you wanted to have your business thrive and succeed.

    In contrast, you have this baby on the teat or little toddlers running in the background, and you want to live life so authentically.

    At this moment, I am not enjoying this moment; I’m not in my light. So at that moment, all you can do is surrender to where you are, no matter what’s going on in your life. I think that’s the hardest thing when we surrender; we believe we are failing ourselves.

    And when we’re still, there’s not much to see except the pain that you can feel right, and maybe the tears streaming down your face, or the numbers that you didn’t meet the clients that you don’t have an overcompensation that you feel you must give.

    I think that’s the give and take of life that we constantly are learning, especially for mothers pursuing entrepreneurship.

    And really, I guess for some of you, and I wouldn’t say it holds the same validity.

    Whether you have been trying to have a kid and you had miscarriage after miscarriage. You’ve had a traumatic birth; you haven’t given birth in like seven years, but you have like little tiny kids. It can be a lot. Are you a single mom with kids? Being a mom, in general, is hard. It’s at least for me; its hard motherhood does not come easy for me. Motherhood did not come easy.

    For me, motherhood still is something that I have to work a lot on to were Yeah, building out a funnel and an automation system and working with a client that comes easy. But working on myself as a human, which I always will be regardless of my business hats.

    I’m a mom; I chose to be a mom. And I’m a mom, and I struggle with it still. So no matter again, I say I’m going to say this because you guys think you think I thought the business would fill all those holes inside of myself. I thought the business with the baby was going to fill all those voids inside of me. But, I am only the thing that gets to do that, how I feel about myself and realizing that this is my own experience. So I cannot compare it to anyone else’s.

    I’m doing myself a disservice when I do because I’m not appreciating my human experience.

    I love to use toddlers and entrepreneurship hand in hand because, well, we were like toddlers when we started. Yet we have this unrealistic expectation that we’re supposed to come out the womb walking, you know, the womb of entrepreneurship.

    We’re gonna fall down and stumble sometimes. And I mean, I don’t know, if you’re an adult that’s ever fallen before. A couple of weeks ago, I was going down the stairs, and I missed a step. It almost completely busted my ass. But I caught myself was like, we still do that. Well, that’s going to happen in business too. Sometimes we have things that didn’t go to our mind’s eye and expectations.

    Sometimes you have failed launches, or what you think is a failed launch is just a learning experience. And it’s a pause. And so, I’m grateful for the minor break I had with my son that also brought me into some of the most incredible experiences of my life.

    In general, I was just going through the motions of life. No, I was happy doing it and enjoying things, but I had a lot of significant shifts occurring.

    And so, if you also know any premise behind me, and if you’re following this, you more than likely are on a spiritual journey. And you’re about to begin one if you aren’t, but most of you already are on one. So I feel those of us because of where we are. We’re not going to do it like everybody else. Like, it’s, it’s going to happen differently.

    And so what I see is like the pauses and the stillness that I had, like after my daughter’s birth, not right away, it was she was about a year and a half about it, about a year, I would say. And then, for basically from age one to two, I had like because my postpartum depression just kept building. Also, while moving into a period of stillness because also during that same time, we were building a house, we sold the one that we were living in. So I was living in the woods, which I guess could make an entire episode on instead of going into that now.

    But that period of stillness was just everything I didn’t want. But everything I needed all at one time. Because when I came out of that, I still was able to work some it wasn’t like what I wanted, and I didn’t have the freedom that I usually had. But it helped me realize that I was still running from things that helped me realize that I was still trying to find validity outside of myself. And I think that’s what often can get tricky. So for those in the self-development or spiritual industry, even if we are mostly doing business stuff, it is if you add the spirituality mix. You add the self-development mix; you realize that even though we’re chasing business, we’re finding ourselves, whether you want to admit it or not. And so, regardless of what level we’re at, I think that’s that notion of where we realize we’re human.

    Remember, things are not as they seem, simply because we blindside ourselves from what we want to experience and whether we like it or not, no matter who you are.

    Lightworker star seed, light beam, Moonbeam, Earth Angels, all these names, you’re still here for the human experience. You will carry no gift that will help you omit that at this stage of your ascension.

    So embrace the harmonic balance of being a spiritual being having a human experience and embrace that this is a human journey. The experience of the journey is not a destination. So stop trying to glorify the end and embrace the experience, and it will be much more humbling along the way.

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  • Why Creative Consciousness Aids in Your Spiritual Journey

    In this episode ft Justine Cohen, we talk about how Creative Consciousness Aids in Your Spiritual Journey. When we surrender through tools such as meditation, moving deeper into ourselves, we allow so much more in from the Universe. The opportunities seem just to show up as we harness our inner creativity, our consciousness expands. 

    Justine Cohen, MBA, is a business coach, writer, and intuitive with experience working in the tech and art industries. Learn more about her business, Dream Catalyst Coaching, here: http://www.justine-cohen.com 

    Danielle Aime 2:27
    How did you find that you got yourself to be where you are today? How did you evolve into doing what you do now from that corporate role?

    Justine Cohen 2:40
    Yes, I say it found me.

    Also, I was just journaling before this about when I decided to move to San Francisco. And there’s this opening that happened in my life. And that’s what happened for Los Angeles when I was in San Francisco, a job that just ended. My MBA was ending, my lease was ending, and I realized nothing was tying me there. So it was a bizarre opening. And LA was whispering in my ear to move, like come to LA and start a business to help artists. So I just leaped, had no idea where I was going to live. I just packed all my things with a friend. And I think five weeks later was here. And then I’ve been figuring it out since, so I came to LA knowing I wanted to do a business. Still, I didn’t know what exactly, and then when the pandemic hit, I realized I had this advantage or not even the advantage to help because MBA was online, mostly we had in person, but it was hybrid. So when I worked in tech, I managed teams online. And I had been using zoom for years, and I realized I knew how to do this. And so I just jumped in and started helping many business owners with their digital transformation and then realized, oh yeah, I’m a coach.

    Danielle Aime
    How did you start as an artist? What drew you to that?

    Justine Cohen
    Ever since I was five, I learned how to read and write young. And when I was five years old, I made books, like writing picture books and creating stories, and have been a writer since day one. And then art class was always my favorite. And it was always my favorite, though. I was, um, you know, got straight A’s. So I was good at lots of different things. I always made sure art was on my schedule. And then when I went to college, when I was deciding where to go to college, I was deciding between two colleges, and one didn’t have an art program at all. And I was like, I can’t even take art on the side. So I ended up going somewhere else so that I could take art classes. So I’m mostly a writer these days, a poet-writer, and then I’ll do sculpture and watercolor drawings. So and I’ve just been a fan of it. I love street art. I loved working in galleries because I would walk into the gallery and want to live here, so why not work there?

    Danielle Aime 7:30
    So, where did you start to connect those dots for yourself? Was it early on? Was it later on in life, like where did that fall?

    Justine Cohen 8:02
    That came later on. I am an intuitive psychic medium. And a lot of people with this gift say it. It’s they remember it since childhood. For me, I didn’t start noticing until I was in San Francisco. So in my mid-late 20s. And in San Francisco, because I was working in tech, I was working, on-call, always working so much; super fried and struggling with depression and daily headaches. And luckily, I found meditation and met. So I’ve been meditating every morning for, I think, like six years now. And the meditation helped with the headaches.

    That was the opening, starting with meditation. And then I’m I love learning. And so if I’m going to learn about meditation, I want to know all the things, so I found a few different teachers.

    Danielle Aime
    Since you came from corporate to having an intuitive-based business, do you ever catch yourself getting caught up in that box approach or that strategic approach? And that give and take that we need to have when we are growing businesses or just having a business in itself?

    Justine Cohen
    Yes, many, many times, I can answer it a few different ways. Well, first, it was a big shift for me too. And it’s still is I’m still learning because I would do strategic planning for a company. And then I’m over here making like a launch plan or a six-month plan. And I’m doing it as if I have ten employees. And then thinking also, but that’s like the best way to do it. That’s not the best practice. And I always want to do my best. And so that’s where perfectionism comes in. Well, one is like realizing where I’m at what my bandwidth is, releasing perfectionism recovering from that need, and knowing that good is more than good enough most of the time.

    Danielle Aime 22:09
    Yeah, I noticed one thing I’ve seen repetitive from you: I am a little different from you. It seems like not necessarily that it’s strategic, per se, with your habits or anything. I think meditation has become like brushing your teeth or taking a shower. Do you know what I mean? Like, that’s a natural element of your day. But, um, so like, do you teach? Do you find a lot of the people that you work with? Or the way that you coach? Like, are you teaching more structured? Or do you do stuff a little bit more organically individually per person?

    Justine Cohen 22:44
    A little of both. So I love productivity hacks and all that stuff—I nerd out as much as I can nerd out about astrology. Yeah, the thing is that I find a lot that not everyone loves it as much as I do.

    Because those things are huge for me, and I find that executives like when I work with that realm of structure because they’re so busy, their lives will fall apart without it. When I worked with artists were a little more fluid, or people were starting up. I noticed that just adding one small lifestyle change works, and also for me, I know so many practices that I want to do that I’m working on, and I find if I do too much at once, it all falls apart. But this week, I started doing my vocal warm-ups again in the morning like, ooh, this feels good, really one thing at a time, so my clients are trying to find the one thing that will work and make a big impact for them. And yeah, I’m excited to teach it more as a full thing. So then they also have a menu to choose from now or later when they need some more structural support, right,

    Danielle Aime 25:03
    I think that’s nice because it’s almost like giving them a little buffet of options to where I think that’s one thing, at least coming from the creative energy is one, it’s like when we’re in that space, it’s like we like, you know, like, give me all the stuff. But, still, when it goes to execute an application, I think it could become overwhelming. But, um, you know, when I saw, I think that’s nice that you’re like, you know, you have the hindsight because you come from that atmosphere personally, and into where, you know, it’s like, I don’t know, I was joking with expressions of like, organized chaos and random structure. I think that’s where as creatives work best it is to where there’s a structural element, but at the same time, there’s diversification or the ebb and flow that’s taking place like how you’re saying, like, right now you’re like, you’re in the season of doing like your vocals. But it’s like, at least how I am, I have great intentions of sticking with things. So I have discipline in certain areas of my life. But really, I’m very random. Like, I’m spontaneous. And I think everything has a season. And I think sometimes a season can be a week or a couple of months, and sometimes a couple of hours. And it’s like; this was the most fantastic experience because it was so amazing. So I want to keep doing it. But at the same time, I often wonder if I did that every day, would it always be that amazing. 

    Um, so I don’t know, I think that’s this nice for me because I feel like you’re bringing me back to my roots of myself. After all, I can be so into like, I almost become too analytical. And I forget that side of creativity to where even the Universe lately is like, paint something, make something because since I had my kids, I got a two-year-old, a four-year-old like that side of me got compartmentalized. So this is refreshing for me. And I think this is good for anybody listening, like, if you are deep at heart, a creative I think that’s something that has to be an element of our life. I believe we have periods for me; I would say I had periods of dormancy where creativity may have been designing the landing page or something.

    Justine Cohen 27:32
    Yeah, and I think creativity can flourish in whitespace and unstructured time, and did what does it? Discipline gives us freedom. Someone said that discipline gives us freedom. And so, with the discipline, the point, at least for me, is to provide myself with more open space. Yeah. And that can be with a spiritual practice to clear out space or to just okay, if I do these things, then I have the whole afternoon off. And then, I can write or work on this project. So I think they can balance each other out nicely. Yeah.

    Danielle Aime 28:12
    So what would you be for one of your last things to talk about today is like, what is something? Like, as a creative, I find we are multi-passionate, really multi-passionate, right? So, um, I had this. So I’m curious to see how you have felt with this, like, did you find a struggle? Because this is what I noticed with entrepreneurs being multi-passionate when they’re first trying to start? Did you have that thing of, well, if I pick one thing as my focus area, I’m like, I want to do all things right now? And it’s like if you do all things right now like you have a hard time ever learning. Did you experience that personally?

    Justine Cohen 28:51
    Absolutely. When I first started, one of my first business coaches tried to help me find a niche. And I was like, I don’t want to. And yes, now I have a niche. And I’m so grateful. And I also needed to not have one at first and to see what came in. And so listen to that need to be free and explorative, especially in the beginning. So yeah, because I think it’s important to Yeah like you’re saying, if we do too many things, it will take forever. Yeah. So what I again that like discipline is freedom; if I pick a niche, it doesn’t have to be forever. But if I get it, that’s what I learned in one of my favorite case studies in business school is Nike. They started with tennis shoes. Now they do everything. But if you watch how they expanded as a company, it was like they went to basketball, and then they went to volleyball, and then they went, and it was one thing at a time and never at the cost of the core business. So get good at one thing, and then you can do anything. But getting that one thing first is important. And then you have the freedom to launch a million different products. Because once people trust you, they’ll buy anything from you.

    Danielle Aime 30:14
    Correct? Yeah, I’m honest. Exactly. I like I always love, like, especially when my people listen to me, it’s like, you have to hear this from somebody else. Because y’all think I’m just making this shit up. And it’s like, it’s true, though. It is. And it’s like, and that’s the thing like I was talking about before. I think in our world, we still give ourselves that permission to be creative. Do you know what I mean? I think that’s where you can find that balance of what we’re doing and how, like, we’re meeting the craving, you know, we’re meeting the Create craving of creativity, and to where, hey, like, as far as also tell people like, oh, like, I don’t know if you’re familiar. Still, like Louise Hay, when she first started Hay House, she was like, 50, I think, and she lived to be like, 9493. So think that’s a lot of time. So it’s like, we’re all trying to, like when I first started, it’s like, I wanted it like, well, just give me the whole thing like Thursday already, like, let me have this whole thing. And it’s like, guys, like, give yourself that beauty of evolving as you like, execute. And just like you’re saying, I teach my clients this to have like, see when you’re first starting to be like a buffet because you want to explore things such as jumping, right? I mean, some people do jump right on, and you always can change. But I find when you’re creative, and you How are multi-passionate about like many things. And it’s it is hard to pick one because you think you’re leaving something on the side. And what I’ve come to learn personally, it’s like when you pick that one thing, like the rest of the stuff kind of starts to come without having picked it. I don’t know if that happened to you. But it’s like, there are certain times where I’m like, Oh, we’re doing this and this and this, okay, I didn’t say that’s what we were doing. It just naturally happens, which is beautiful with that connection with clients and stuff, you know, of having that almost like bespoke approach to what we do.

    Justine Cohen 32:03
    Well, that’s the power of intention. Okay, I’m gonna do this now. But I intend to do XYZ later. And that’s like in your private, you know, commitments with the Universe and your journal, or even with your closest, most trusted people. And so, like, let the universe work on it. And focus on what you’re creating now. And then, as you said, the other things start coming in. And that happened with me a few months ago; I was holding space energetically for a new part of my business. And it just, suddenly, the friend reached out, and it was the exact thing I wanted to be doing. I was like, oh my god, oh my god, I’m gonna die. I’m so excited. And it can happen that way. But I wasn’t wasting extra energy trying to create more like me.


  • How to manifest your best life by not bypassing the human experience

    We will be talking about the main reason why you’re not manifesting what you desire in your life. 

    Regardless of what you want, where you work, and what you do or don’t have, the thing is, you have to get real with yourself to see WHY things aren’t going the way your brain is expecting things to go.

    Side note: this isn’t a one-and-done thing. I still have to do this with myself when I feel or notice I’ve fallen out of alignment. 

    What I want to share with you guys today is one breathe and be for a second. So whenever you can get yourself into the state of stillness, you can hear and listen to your intuition instead of your mind.

    The mind is chatter. 

    Intuition is still. 

    Your higher self is still. 

    Regardless of whatever you’re looking to achieve, relationships, money, career, business, if you are saying, “I don’t know what to do next. I don’t know where to goI feel overwhelmed. I feel like I want to stop.”  

    Or you are pushing and pushing and pushing, and nothing is flowing back in. So you are not in alignment. And when we’re not in alignment – you’re not in your truth. 

    A really basic B explanation about not being in your truth; it just means you’re usually living externally outside of yourself. When you’re living outside of yourself, you often put on the lenses of other people’s lives, and you do not own your power. So you’re not letting yourself discover that power. And you’re just taking and shifting shapeshifting yourself to other people because you think that’s what you need to be to achieve something else.

    And usually, there’s a lot of stigmas about achievement. 

    Many people I work with hold themselves back because they think they need to be like a tarot reader or a psychic, literally to have a business. 

    However, when you take your spiritual elements of self, you are a spiritual being, having a human experience. So you take those things and embody them as tools in your tool bag, toolbox, briefcase, and purse. 

    Wherever you have these things, you can harness yourself and your internal power, and then you can move into alignment. So you have spiritual teams, guides, and metaphysical tools all around you to aid in your human experience but not bypass your human experience.

    Question yourself, move in, close your eyes, take a deep breath and exhale. 

    If you can, if you’re not around other people and got it, almost like sigh it out. It could even feel like frustration. 

    Then I want you to ask yourself, Who are you pretending to be, What are you faking that you have, What are you living vicariously through? 

    The biggest question of all, are you being authentic? 

    The deeper we go, we begin to identify this is bypassing the human experience and living amongst egoism? Are you living in your soul? Are you living in alignment? 

    This exercise is for whatever you are looking to aspire to, and you still feel blocked. You have to own where you are. 

    If you are in the waiting to want cycle, I will feel XYZ when this happens – you will stay in what feels like limbo or worse. Or the push to come cycle, I don’t care what happens, I’ll bulldoze everything in my way as I think I know what I want, and I don’t care if it aligns to me or not; then I’ll complain later when it doesn’t work. 

    Simply put, what does all the shit mean? 

    You are waiting for the external change for you to receive, and maybe until the very moment of reading this sentence, you haven’t admitted that to yourself. 

    Living externally is what stops people from having it all. In my personal opinion, “having it all” is not how something looks, how much money you have, etc. It’s how you FEEL with your money, relationships, career, home, etc.

    We live in a very look-at-me falsified world. The polished Insta feeds and the picture-perfect influencers on YouTube. The online business world of the instant famous six-figure business, ans their trips to Bali. 

    In the physical, you can have your bank accounts become flush, live in a big ole house, drive a bangin’ car, and manifest your ideal amazing partner and BFF for life. But, if you do not like to hone in on what you FEEL inside of yourself, it doesn’t matter how much is around you. And how many amazing checkmarks got checked off. You will still be very unsatisfied inside yourself. And the reason is, is it’s bypassing the human experience, and it’s super uncomfortable to be human.

    It’s easy not to want to face what’s in front of us. 

    I find that even though the outer world may be changing, my inner world can feel like it’s blowing up; this happens when I’m not being honest with myself. 

    The inner world chaos went through a new phase when I started to find spirituality and began deep self-development. Without knowing, I went from one programing – not having control or anything, being overruled by trauma and programming. To then become programmed by false positivity. 

    I know a lot of people felt drawn to the book, The Secret. A new way, a new beginning–a quick fix. Now hindsight, looking back, I’m like F this like this doesn’t help anybody.

    It is so misleading because the reality is the human experience isn’t meant to be like, woo-hoo every day is so amazing, I am so high vibe; everything so amazing! 

    That’s not living the human experience. That’s, that’s living the linear experience. So you’re bypassing the human experience. 

    You feel that you want it to achieve this particular number, and you didn’t know that you’re judging criteria of people’s lives and often comparing yourself and thinking that you’re a failure because you only see the external that they present. 

    Then you compare yourself to their external, not knowing what their internal is, and then you shame yourself. 

    You shame yourself continuously; you put yourself up on a pedestal. 

    That’s not yours; you put yourself in a box that’s not for you. 

    The only way you can find out what’s yours and for you to see and the diversity of self is by genuinely harnessing the human experience of self. 

    Guess what? When we are authentically us and embody ourselves, it’s not always bright sunny rainbows. I don’t say this to be pessimistic.

    I say this to be a realist, in the form of actually helping you guys realize that there is no getting out of this. 

    There is nothing; that’s a magic solution. 

    We are here to feel, heal, grow, accept, and we are here to have polarity. 

    You are here to have polarity in your life; what do I mean by that? 

    The highs and lows of everything to genuinely understand appreciation and love. 

    Now, don’t get me wrong, life isn’t here for us to be miserable. Or to not have the desire to want sunnier days or be more optimistic. 

    But if that’s all you allow or want to allow, you’re missing the human experience. 

    The goal isn’t to be happier or sadder– it’s to BE. To be to become, that’s the goal. When we are in the state of being, we are in the state of the NOW–the present moment. It is not defined or debilitated by any set thing, only gaining and exploring the perspective of consciousness. 

    The human experience carries beauty in the in-between; the middle ground is here to experience. 

    The middle ground is the point to expel all the resistance in your body, acknowledge cause ans effect, embrace new ways, awaken self to manifest the following chapters. 

    Nobody wants to talk about that. 

    Nobody wants to talk about the times that it’s hard. 

    Nobody wants to talk about the emotional burdens. 

    It means that we’re still going to be sometimes emotional, and it’s okay to be emotional. It’s okay to be emotional. It’s okay to have feelings. 

    So this is what I’ve told people for years. When you go to sleep at night, what are you thinking? And what are you feeling? Cause that is leading you more to your answers and your truth. 

    So when you can get your answers into your truth, you can move into alignment, which is, again, it’s not linear. You’re not always going to be in alignment.

    You’re not always going to be in alignment–yep, accept that, and it’s okay. 

    You can be in alignment for your business and not be in alignment for your relationship. Likewise, you can be in alignment with your romantic relationship and not be in alignment with your kids. 

    You still have to have maintenance on yourself because of one thing you’re consciously growing.

    See yourself like a toddler. 

    When you have a toddler, will they have the same mannerisms, behaviors, and skillsets at three as they will at six? Are they going to eat the same? Are they going to talk the same? No. 

    What are they going to do? They’re going to evolve. 

    So you have to be honest with yourselves. And if you can, if you can do this one thing for yourself, you’ll begin to have so much more happen for you and what you’re going to do to yourself, what you’re going to do for yourself, not to yourself for yourself, accept yourself where you are.

    Accepting yourself where you are–what does that mean? My definition has evolved: I’m right where I need to be, and I am right where I need to be with my feelings. I am right where I need to be with my emotions. I am right where I need to live physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Because right now, I am probably resisting; where I resist, I shall learn. 

    Okay, you’re here to learn, to evolve. 

    You are not linear—one more time, you are not linear. 

    Your goal in life is not just to soar upward. 

    Look at the whole picture; you can see yourself. When you look at the whole picture, you can give yourself some grace. When you look at the entire picture, you can breathe a little more and realize that every day is not your goal to sit and put on a fake smile. 

    That’s not your goal. 

    Your goal is to feel yourself that day. And some days you’re going to wake up, and you’re going to be tired. And some days, you’re to wake up when your brain has expectations, and your body will not be able to fulfill them. Your goal is to not shame her for it. That’s your goal. Your goal is to love yourself as you are, not as your brain perceives what society wants you to be. Cause any time you start having little visions of other people around you, of any sort; whether it’s inspirational or negative, you are comparing yourself and the external world. Instead of the internal sense of self, you are judging yourself. You are shaming yourself. You’re belittling yourself, and you’re being your own worst enemy.


  • How to Move Past Normality to Discover Yourself In New Ways

    This episode will cover How to Move Past Normality to Discover Yourself In New Ways. The world around us is changing vastly, more so than ever. Consciousness as a whole has dramatically expanded. Trying to be ‘normal’ is becoming a topic that no longer contains the power and validity we once held power towards. 

    Sarah Lascano is the founder of RayZen Energy, where she is an energy medicine practitioner, instructor, and best-selling author. She has helped hundreds of clients around the world recover their health and reclaim their lives. She has been featured on TV and in Your Health Magazine and is recognized by Top Doctor’s as an Energy Healing Expert. Sarah holds engineering degrees and is the creator of the RayZen Lightwork Technique and Health Freedom Navigator. It is her passion to help people discover the root cause of their health problems and move forward in health freedom.

    You can learn more about Sarah here: http://www.RayZenEnergy.com


  • How to Find Pleasure In The Idle Parts of Life to Progress

    Transformation contains periods of action as well as rest. The rest can become more strenuous than actual movement periods.

    The stillness contains so much about what we need to recognize and ask ourselves where momentum and movement need to be in our life?

    Many people are looking to achieve things and manifest things, moving into higher calibers of your existence. However, you want to be something different; you want something more, whether a business money relationship or all the above.

    Sometimes you feel like you’re stuck and not progressing.

    When you live life from an external perspective, its hard not to notice the progression of others’ lives changing, while your’s still may seem to be in the same place or possibly in a lesser position than you would prefer to have.

    In turn, that can cause significant frustration and self-defeat, causing you to become even more idle, frozen, clogged, and the vicious cycle continues. Moreover, the cycle carries the energy of inconsistency because you may have an impulse period pop up after a few days of ho-hum. Still, now you’ve become overly ambitious, then what your internal state believes is possible.

    Cue repeating cycle and idle pattern once more, sigh.

    I find the best way to execute something, especially when your state of being is wanting movement and momentum, which means something different, is to breathe.

    Breathe intentionally to calm the space; more importantly, clear your mind and gain clarity from your intuition. If you ask yourself, “what is it that you need, or what’s going on,” your mind will muddle that’s actually in front of your inner critic & ego who are directing the show.

    Breathing is a redirection to ask yourself inside yourself. Then, under steady breath and inner calmness, you open yourself up to receive in a way that will bring more clarity and accurate insight to your situation without judgment or criticism.

    One usually under steady breath. So when you’re asking yourself from your mind, you’re not going to get a more precise answer. When you ask yourself from your sense of self, your higher self, and your knowing, you’ll get a more straightforward solution. And often, the mind will misconstrue the direction of how something needs to look when it needs to happen, where you need to go with it. It can be super frustrating, super misleading, and that frustration can keep you stuck.

    Your goal is to progress to go further and feel like something’s changing. Yet, when you welcome change, you expect it to feel a certain way instead of experiencing what it takes to make the change.

    To omit and not change in the sense of like, go and figure the black clouds above my head right or figure I’m in the same spot. I was before where life’s not so bad, but it’s like not changing.

    Now what you want to ask yourself is when you’re glancing at your life. You have been called upon, you know by God the universe, whoever you identify with, and to ask yourself where momentum and movement are needed in your life. So I want you to rattle off whatever comes on your tongue right away. And so when that happens, I want you to ask yourself, to feel inside your body. Where do you feel stalled? Where do you think hesitancy? Where do you feel fear?

    Sit with that. Because often as humans, what we do is we start to progress with our minds, and we start we believe we’re moving with our thoughts. Then, when it comes to implementing action-based and changing patterns, it doesn’t happen because you don’t think what you think. After all, you haven’t identified the resistance inside of your body. So to get ahead, you have to understand what the constraints are from, you know, one destination to the next.

    It’s not because there’s a problem, because you’re on a human journey. So whether or not you’re trying to execute a business, or you’re trying to run a business that also, you know, feels purposeful and also gives you profit. Those are very valuable, valid desires, right? So like, yeah, you can chase that. But if you’re only chasing the end, and you’re not asking yourself, How are you getting there? And in that process, how do you get there, and how do you establish some movement? How do you set momentum is by getting to know yourself? So these two things can constantly change? One is you, and one is the thing that you’re looking to execute and have. So again, you can change the hat and switch it out to whatever you want, you know, the millionaire business, the whatever, I don’t even know what you want. Most people that I serve want money. They want to have a business.

    Then they usually want some thriving relationship. Suppose you’re spiritually gifted and spiritually inclined and interested in all this other stuff. In that case, you want somebody to support it instead of shooting down was I think all those things are fantastic. You can have them like I live that okay, so you can have all those things, have a thriving life, and have a life where you can have other means coming to you. So the way that you do it, though, is you have to ask yourself, Who have you been thus far? Because you have to see if I’ll go on like a little Yes, and no tree, the decisions you made before. Are they aligning with who you want to be in the future? Are you making the right move? Do you have the right momentum and drive to be able to get yourself to achieve there? And so those variables are going to be filled in the in-betweens. Sometimes I know you look at somebody’s life at first glance, and there is I don’t know how I don’t because I was not one of those people. And what started to help me find ease in this whole process is I’ve been an online business since 2008. And I’ve had a couple of different businesses since 2008. What I have learned that was consistent in all of them was how I ended up having business success every single time was; moving more into myself and listening to my inner guidance. Now I didn’t always know or know that I was doing so, so how am I listening to myself; I was getting to know myself.

    I was trying to figure out what it was that I wanted.

    Figuring out what you want is the tricky part for most people when trying to start a business. Why? There are all these stories of people telling a story of working XYZ job on Thursday they decided to quit, and then they left to pursue this business endeavor and just like that six-figures in 4months, one day, one year, etc.

    It can be motivating. You want to have results like that person.

    Then there are the women that have a baby on the teat, and they just pulled in their first million-dollar year while breastfeeding a baby on a webinar.

    All these things are being in front of you, right, and with the enemy of distractions, they’re distracting you from who you are; they can be motivators of who you get to be. But where you have to check back into constantly is one remembers that you are not them. You are not me. We’re only you, and often you don’t even know who that is yet.

    The distraction creates an idle period.

    We have idle periods, primarily when there’s the resistance of not wanting to see what’s in front of us, not realizing that we may have been following somebody else’s journey and on our own.

    We may have been listening to the voices outside of ourselves rather than the ones inside.

    I’m talking about the voice of knowing and of surety; your intuition. Your intuition is the voice of your Soul that can guide you; we all have this ability.

    The more you lessen the control of the mind, the more you can feel, the more you can handle, the more you can know.

    The more you know, the more ability and the more advantage you have to change the patterns in front of you. When you change the habits in front of you to connect to the power of intention, you will create and change the world around you when you live life intentionally. Then, therefore, allowing you to go from where you are to where you want to be because you’re allowing yourself to establish and experience the human experience in between.

    Again, whether or not you are is where you want to be or where you are is kind of where you want to be. So you still are going to have some stuff in between. When you let yourself embrace the journey, there’s a whole lot more just beauty that comes from it.

    We often want to control what’s right in front of us. We often want to just constantly just like it’s almost like strangling out the possibility of something that could be blooming from inside of ourselves. Because we take and allow the thoughts to, in a way like shrink out like it’s like a tenacious root, the tenacious root constraint, a lot of beautiful plant inside of landscaping, if you can let it get out of control, it can smother it, you know, it can inhibit its growth.

    When you realize that you are the creator of your garden [aka of your life], you get to flourish it.

    The aspect of self, being seeds and Soul blooming and solve constantly evolving and the seasons of salt and you guys continually trying to force yourself to be in like spring all year round. There is nothing that is in spring all year round. There are dormant seasons, right? There are drought seasons, wet seasons like we’re everything isn’t the same and inside a mostly like inside just a month cycle literally for females or the majority of females. So there is an actual cycle going on. If you let yourself take that time again, go back to that you can discover more.

    I find two to three of those can let you adjust this a little bit to give yourself just a little more clarity on what to do next. What to do next to sustain stillness, sometimes what to do next is to remain and sometimes reflect what to do next to realize the next step to make the momentum to create the movement of your life. I get it. I know there’s a lot of stuff out there, and it’s can be so effing confusing. I got tied into it like years ago, and it’s not that it’s terrible, and I think it probably works beautifully well for some people. But when you have to see yourself as an individual, you have to see yourself as a rare balloon.

    You’re a unique flower.

    You’re not the common flower. But, when you appreciate the qualities and what you have and see yourself like trees, see yourself like flowers, and see yourself realizing that everything doesn’t bloom all year round.

    That sometimes, things stay dormant. For example, sometimes fruit trees won’t bloom for years.

    For you, this may mean years; what can feel like painstaking years you’ve been after having a goddamn business, and it hasn’t come to fruition. Does it mean that you’re a failure? Does it mean that it’s inevitable and it will never happen?


    It might mean that you have been in dormancy cuts through that dormancy. You’re changing with seasons, and you’re evolving from yourself.

    The more you appreciate your journey, the more whatever it is that you’re looking to execute, the more whatever you’re looking to have, the more sustainable it will be in your life. Okay, because it means that the more truth you’re allowing yourself to bloom outside of you, and we bloom, evolve.

    You’re evolving. Think about who you were last year.

    Think about who you were five years ago, and then really think about who you were ten years ago.

    I know for me, it’s like literally different human beings, completely different human beings. So the human being that I want was ten years ago. No, she would have had absolutely no freaking clue on our goddamn life how to live life as I do now. But because I fumbled because I fell because I learned, and I don’t see failures as failing. I see failure as a beautiful lesson to gain a perspective on the ground level of that experience.

    Because whenever you’re just constantly up here, you don’t get to see everything that’s happening in the infancy of it. You have this assumption of perspective. That usually is entirely unrealistic to who you are. Okay? Again, you’re leaving it living outside of yourself instead of in yourself.

    So instead of seeing and thinking that something is holding you back, realize it’s gifting you this opportunity. I promise with every ounce of my being because my god guys, for those of you that don’t know my story or don’t know me, I have fallen okay, I didn’t get to have the baby on the Teton you have like this killer year.

    No, my fucking figures tanked. I had halation postpartum depression, okay, like, I didn’t just have a business idea on Thursday, and it flourished. The next day. You know, my first business took, um, probably a good four and a half years before I started consistently making like, just a couple grand a month.

    Everything has taken me time, and then I had things that worked naturally for me, and then I would go and try to do it online, and it was a different world.

    I’m like, why is this so hard for me? 

     I realized in this time I have to remind myself over and over, over and over again, I’m not them, not you on me. You’re not me. You’re not them. You’re you. 


  • The healing journey; expect the unexpected and become something so much more

    When you choose differently, everything changes. 

    2015 I started my online coaching/consulting business. Unfortunately, it wasn’t going as envisioned; I’ll save that or another post about things I did wrong in my businesses since 2008. 

    The point I joined a mastermind back when I was preggo with my son. It was like $1,600 ish a month to be in it, and it came with a 1x per year retreat. So I was in it like 4months got out right before my son was born. So no retreat for me.

    FWD A few months later, that same coach created a program that I decided to join that came the retreat with the $10k investment. I took a giant leap joining that, not sure what to expect. But I will say what my brain created for the outcome was much different than what I got. 

    The note I want to make here is I truly, with every experience I’ve ever had, believe everything happens for us to learn about ourselves on a different level. For example, we look outside of who we are to find fulfillment and validation in the external world. When we believe something IS the answer rather than our actions within that something.

    At this time of my life, I believed the investment I made–was something, not me. 

    Nevertheless, this isn’t even about the program I signed up for; it’s about my mindset and how the Universe was conspiring to help me. I quit something not because it wasn’t working, but really because I wasn’t. But the Universe knew there was an experience to have; it needed me to get to that retreat. 

    The retreat pushed me out of my comfort zone of receiving in more ways than I can count, and I believe were the reasons I came into myself more than ever; for the first time, I said yes, to me instead of yes to “something else.”

    For starters, I lived in Louisiana; the retreat was outside of Boston. 

    1. Magically, I gained access to the retreat again.
    2. Magically, my husband was on board with me going from the first mention of it.
    3. I countered with I had a baby boy– he countered he was off from the firehouse for the duration I would be out of town.
    4. I countered again (shutting it down-fear-ego-not choosing self) that basically, there’s no way he’s going to handle Finley on his own. 
    5. He said we all would go, “I’ll drop you off and pick you up every day, and we can stay at a hotel.” 
    6. We had airline miles for the flight.
    7. We fly to Boston.
    8. Stop by at the retreat, which is like a 14 bedroom house the coach rented–she asked where my hubs and kiddo were in the car.
    9. My family and I stayed at the house in a little private upstairs space that was an apartment: kitchen, bathroom, washer/dryer, can’t make this shit up.

    So we are there. We canceled the hotel as everything was lining up perfectly and unexpectedly had my family at a nonfamily retreat. People are happy and ok with it–people I didn’t know, btw, other than knowing some names from the group or meeting them that day. 

    I believe it was like day 2 or 3; two ladies were down in the kitchen area talking about some brainstorming activity. I, who usually WOULD NEVER strike up or interject in convos with people I barely knew, asked if I could join. At this time, Finn was napping, and Nathan was hanging with me. They said sure! I went back upstairs grabbed some paper and a pen.

    We got back down and noticed they moved from the island to the large dining table. Lisa sat on the very end; Bethany sat next to her. (They were fellow retreat. goers and I didn’t know much about them other than their names) Bethany showed Lisa and me a method to brainstorm and create content flow– while she and I get at it, Bethany and Nathan, my hubs, are talking. Nathan was on the other end of the table. I was getting super distracted as our convos were crossing. 

    I moved next to Lisa, Bethany, moved down by Nathan. 

    About ten minutes later, everything changed. 

    It’s an experience I didn’t know was possible–but it changed my life forever. I honestly can’t remember everything as it was so surreal, but I remember the emotional experience and Lisa’s words to me after. 

    What happened exactly? I guess you would say some “spiritual gifts showed up unexpectedly” I mean, I don’t even know what to say. 

    Lisa was talking; a bit of frustration with a sprinkle of sadness came out in her words; for some god-forsaken reason, I touched her hand, looked into her eyes, then basically read her soul to her subconscious mind. The outcomes, all four of us, ended in tears. Lisa and I cried hard tears together as I learned (later through years) I can take on suppressed emotions of people and vocalize and feel them with that person, especially trauma.

    She looked at me at the end of what felt like years of conversation, in reality, was 20min or so, and said, “I’d waited my whole life to hear this; it’s like you answered my prayers.” 

    Later that night, we had another even more profound experience. I learned I was telepathic and could relive inner child wounds and heal on an energetic instead of a physical level. 

    The Universe gave me witnesses. The Universe confirmed my niggle, I was meant for more, and I had been playing small. 

    My brain always understood playing small to be not charging enough or showing up all the time. 

    By the end of the trip, I remember sitting on the plane headed back to Louisiana, looking at Nathan, and saying my life will never be the same. I smiled and felt a peace in my heart I had never felt before. 

    So, no, the “retreat” didn’t do shit for me. But me saying yes is beyond my fears. Allowing myself to receive–brought me more than I ever imagined as I continuously stepped outside of my comfort zone, of all I knew and thought I knew. 

    Expect the unexpected. Expect that who you think you become is so much more. Expect to grow and transform beyond your mind. 

    Know that you are meant for more. KNow that you are not like the others. Know your soul is on a mission, and you have a human experience. 

    Listen to the niggle.

    If you want to listen to Lisa’s perspective of her experience, you can watch that here.


  • Simple Ways to Give Yourself Grace, Especially When Life is Still

    EP.04 With Kimberly Lucht | Simple Ways to Give Yourself Grace, Especially When Life is Still

    Kimberly Lucht is a business coach and energy healer for women who want to make bank doing what they love. Kimberly is trained in psychology and has directed and grown start-ups that help women blast through limitations and go after their dreams.

    This episode will cover Simple Ways to Give Yourself Grace, Especially When Life is Still. Unfortunately, we tend to want to fill the stillness, the void, the disturbance with more things rather than embracing the aspect of being where we are.

    Learn more about Kimberly at https://www.kimberlylucht.com/