Discover Self, Awaken Soul

IT'S time to make your words true, turn them into actions, and UPLEVEL your manifestation game to create your best life as you awaken & align to your soul purpose

You are a spiritual being having a human experience.


You have a deep desire to make a bigger impact in your life to manifest your dreams.

Daring to be Human is for those that have a deep desire to make a bigger impact in the world and are ready to step outside the comfort zone of what society deems as normal to become a catalyst of transformation in their life.

It feels like you’ve done all the things. Yet, you still feel like you haven't fully stepped into your POWER–that there is more to come. BUT HOW to open that potential leaves you paused.... waiting.

What would it feel like to have it all?

What if you wouldn't have to sacrifice anything other than your comfort zone?

Would you want it?

OF COURSE! And my friend, you are worthy of having the life of your dreams.

So look, there’s no easy button to coming into yourself. You've already come from the trenches, and life is GOOD.

But you realize now, you want more than good, content, enough– you want MORE and you want to THRIVE.

It’s time to allow yourself the full journey of self-discovery....the good, the bad, the ugly, the slow baby steps, and the giant leaps.

It’s ALL a part of the human experience for spiritual beings who are being called to bring forth a new paradigm of being.


I do a lot of self development. I'm totally down with understanding that much of what we see and experience is a mirror to ourselves. But what this group does in particular is it gives you another kind of mirror where as a group you support others on their journey, but every single time somebody post something in here It causes me to think about something I need to work on or consider. It's like a fun house mirror. You see something so obvious in an entirely different way and it helps you grow so much. Having access to Danielle it's just the icing on the cake. This entire group atmosphere Is just pure magic.

As amazing as so many spiritual practices, tools and coaches are, what is often missed or skipped over is the integration of you as a spiritual being having a human experience.

It’s not “I’ll meditate now” and then go live your very human life for the rest of the day.

You being spiritual and you being human are not meant to be siloed from each other. But often, that’s how we are taught and that’s how we live. It’s no wonder you are like wtf do I do now!

The most important thing for me that I get from this group is the emotional support. I'm not afraid to share my truth because anything I bring to the table is valid, examined if need be, or just held safely while Spirit does its magic. It is an energetic safety net for the times when life gets shaky. That makes all the difference between taking a leap of faith and falling on your face and flying.

Vicky Rivera

Jessica Loper

Moon Circles

Once a month we have a call-in and release ceremony. We are ever-changing, let's do it with intention and focus. These are virtual events held in the comfort of your own home and can always be caught on replay.

Guest Experts

I believe spirituality to be an incredibly important and vital part of truly integrating in our human form, with that I have a new guest expert each month to teach new tools & perspectives to aid in your human journey.

New monthly tools, resources and perspectives to manifest the life of your dreams.

Kathy Aguayo

Emma-Rose Moutter

By being a member, you will:

Understand how to integrate spiritual self with your human self, opening you up for more contentment and getting more of what you desire. 

Learn to have harmony in all areas of your life without settling (because you have lived in sub-par long enough)

 To not have it feel like it takes an eternity to finish (because who has weeks and months to dedicate to living life like meh, instead of LIVING)

Push through procrastination and have it DONE (because enough already!)

Learn to raise your consciousness to a level that allows you to manifest what you desire out of life and business. 

Be supported and nurtured by a group of other spirit-leaders who want to cheer you on and rise with you.

How Would It Feel In Your Life...

Jumpstart Your success and move into your power at an accelerated rate:

Daring to be Human allows you to assess your current state of mind so you can stop guessing what the BLEEP is going on in that overthinker of yours. When you get to know who you are below the surface, you learn what you are working with. Can become extreme advantages.


Grab hold of your obstacles and rid them quickly:

Imagine Finally Feeling the Real Happiness and Fulfillment You Want Using Simple, Proven Tools That Guide You Through the Process of Change to Reclaim Your Power. You can create a movement and rid the stigmas and ties.


Daring to be Human is for the spiritual being ready to move from GOOD to THRIVING. Harnessing the power of SPIRIT while OWNING the human experience with your badass self stepping into POWER.

Daring to be Human is  for those that have a deep desire to make a bigger impact in your life ready to manifest your dreams. YOU are ready to step outside the comfort zone of what society deems as normal to become a catalyst of transformation in their life.

You are sick of spending your hard-earned money on fluffy, frilly courses, programs, and books that have someone selling you a one size-fits-all method – one that’s not yours. 

Get out of your mind and into your truth.

Imagine the Possibility

Past experiences become pivotal moments in your life that can wound both the human and the spirit that you embody activating your soul purpose work.

The way that you transition from your past to rise in consciousness depends on your personality type and your willingness to live and think in a new way.  

The most significant advantage of raising consciousness allows you to recognize the parts of yourself that have become dormant and shut away as you lived the path of conditioning from family, friends and society.  You can stop living for the expectations of others and start creating your own path with the support and guidance of the Daring to Be Human community. 

Daring to Be Human teaches you to fully shift your internal spirit-self while also honoring the past wounds of your human experience and working through them so that you being to HAVE IT ALL. This community is the bridge to go from the side that you’re on to the side that you want to be on, without it being excruciatingly painful or debilitating to your human-self. 

We go from good, to better to best–It’s time to THRIVE. 

This is Your Time

Show up, share the space, and be willing to hold yourself accountable and you will change. Your vibration will rise and shift to new levels to begin manifesting your best life.

This is not like anything out there so I can't compare it to what is out there. It's not a group program, but it's also not some basic B membership group.

It is a hybrid.

It is material you do on your own, it is 1:1 attention, it is channeling, it's a no-bullshit approach, it is coaching, it is self-growth, it is goal setting, group calls, laughter, tears, bonding, growth...

It is whatever YOU need to live more from your truth and manifest your deepest desires. I will be right there alongside you with Spirit.

You will not leave the same as you came.

Each month we have TONS of LIVE and INTERACTIVE content.

Every four weeks a new month of pre-recorded content is released.


Intuitive alignment coach, spiritual teacher, healer, and doer of crazy things.

I am a self-professed Spiritual Maverick and I work with clients who have that burning desire to step outside the comfort zone of what society deems as normal.

I’m the realtalk version of what you’ve been told to avoid for your entire life. And you’re the conformed and conditioned version of your deepest truths and desires. Together, we’ll be the medicine your soul needs to get you back to yourself and out of the shackles that bind you from a life of real joy. 

After many (MANY) years of trying to run my own life and business in the way everyone else was, I began to realize that trying to be “normal” was killing me. I suffered from suicidal depression, extreme anxiety, and low self-esteem because I was living in the box society kept trying to stuff me in.

I created the Daring to Be Human community to guide other daring beings to align their human-self and spirit-self so they too can live the life they desire, in a way that works for them and doesn’t leave them feeling defeated.

I’ve been featured in publications such as Purpose Fairy, Thrive Global, Medium, & The Elephant Journal to talk about mindset and living life on your terms.


You've got questions? I have answers!

It’s set up more like a group program than a membership. The community itself is the selling point. Connection & expansion is a direct result of what we do. There is a 12month commitment; after its over, you can continue to stay or cancel at that point.

The 12month content you have for life! The live portions of the group are for group members only, such as call replays and guest training. 

It’s setup more like a group program, than a membership. The community itself is the selling point. Conenction & expansion is a direct result of what we do. There is a 12month commitment, after its over you can continue to stay or cancel at that point. 

Good news! You have 7days upon joining to cancel for a full refund if you find it to not be a good fit.

You have 7days upon joining to cancel for a full refund.


Are you ready to allow the support and guidance from Daring to be Human to become your catalyst for the growth you are looking for?​

Ami Kismet



12-month commitment, renewed after the first year until canceled

The monthly membership includes:


renewed annually until canceled

The annual membership includes: