Let me get to the point...

It's time to make money, stop playing small and stressing yourself out all the damn time, and be happy and fulfilled in your life.

You have talent and you fucking rock at what you do. Deep down, you know this. But you still question yourself. You still hold back. You still hide in those dark ass shadows.

1. Maybe you can’t move forward because your past is holding you captive.

2. Maybe you don’t feel like a success because you’re always calling yourself a failure.

3. Maybe you just have no idea what steps to take in order to get your business from point A to point B.

Who's this for?

You are tired of guessing, wasting time, and just doing stuff that keeps you busy getting nothing in return.

You want to create a solid blueprint from the ground up to build a stable, timeless business that grows with you not against you.

You are willing to develop and harness a new mindset to bring you into a new infinite paradigm of receiving.

You are ready to move past imposture & comparison syndrome and be seen & heard!

You believe in making a difference with your business first and massive compensation second.

You’re currently throwing good money after bad in an effort to regain some sense of control over your time and your life. You’ve got online tools and tech coming out the wazoo but no time to set them up in order to actually realize the benefits.

You’re willing to work hard and do what it takes to be incredibly successful at what you do. You just don't yet realize that hard work doesn’t have to mean 18 hour days sat in front of your computer eating snacks in an uncomfortable desk chair. ​

Sounds Like YOu? Keep reading.

Let me tell you what it was like for me...

I was suffering from past trauma and largely unhappy in my life, however, I had this tiny little particle inside me that knew I was meant for more. [my driving force]

I was at a crossroads in my life. I realized how much I did not carry a growth mindset. I realized how much my low sense of self affected this business and every type of business I had ever had. [had to take accountabilty y'all]

I literally tried every damn thing I could think of.

I spent a fortune in counseling to release my past and my shitty mindset.

I flew to Peru to work with spiritual guides through Ayahuasca.

I paid for coach after coach, course after course just to follow someone else’s business model and squeeze myself and my business into a mold that we didn’t fit into.

“Danielle just came right out and said, this is what you’re doing… you’re holding yourself back and this is why. It was a great kick in the butt and really helpful. Since then I’ve gained more business but more importantly, my fear has decreased, and my stress has decreased. I’m just going down my list, enjoying what I’m doing and where I am at the moment. I’m so grateful and impressed. I was amazed to see a difference in myself and my business at the same time. She is amazing at what she does, we have our niche’ and her area of expertise is definitely here to help. She really helped me see me for who I really am.”

One day, in a particularly dark moment, I decided to kick normal to the curb and start being beautifully abnormal ME.

For the first time, I started listening to my intuition to embrace self-acceptance. I began to listen to myself – even when what I heard didn’t really didn’t seem to make any “normal” sense.

You don’t have to go to these lengths.

You don’t have to try for decades to make your business something it’s not.

I can help you tune into your intuitive nature behind the scene of your business and really enter into a state of alignment, devotion, and flow so you are confidently staying in your purpose-place while integrating simple strategies to grow with ease. 

But building my business based on timeless foundations and principles has led me to a world where I have never had the clarity, the confidence, the clients, and the cash flow over the last 4 years.

I don’t want to teach you my method. I want to teach you how you build your own so that you stop chasing your tail, tucking it under when you feel fear, and know how to get your butt out there to let your LIGHT BE SEEN!  

“I know without a doubt that my local photography studio is successful because of Danielle’s guidance and influence.  My business has grown leaps and bounds in a very short time since consulting with Danielle. She will help you make smart business decisions and help you view your business from a different perspective. When I needed to make important decisions Danielle was always a question away and I’m so thankful I found her! I would recommend Danielle to any business owner wanting to ensure success for their business. ”


I combine mind, soul, and business to help you uncover and align with your personality, your creativity, your compassion, your drive, your ability to connect to the needs of others and your gifts are what your humans are waiting for you to serve them. 

How to create the life you desire: make manifesting easy


Release what’s blocking you. It’s time to let go of debilitating past experiences and limiting beliefs. I help you identify the root cause of your blocks and how deep your issues go so you can begin moving forward and leave the past where it belongs.


You will develop a strong, clear, confident mental state that will allow you the ability to intuitively receive the guidance that then creates the flow within a business. From the space of flow, you will start to manifest the audience and clients you’ve been longing for with ease.

Profit With Purpose | Spiritual Entrepreneurs | Lightworkers


Strategize to monetize. Every entrepreneur needs a game plan and I work with you to develop a strategy that will work for your unique business. Business ventures aren’t one size fits all so your strategy shouldn’t be generic either.

Step out from the box you’ve been living life in. You’re hearing/seeing me now because you are ready to break free from ‘normal’ and embrace extraordinary.

Running your business from intuitive alignment helps amplify your natural skill sets, which, in turn, helps your business grow.

As you evolve on your own terms, your business evolves and grows with you.

“Before working with Danielle, I was lacking in confidence and dealing with a fear of success. She was able to get to the root of my problems and help me see and feel my full potential. The shadow work she did unlocked blocks that I didn’t even know I had, but they made perfect sense during the process. I was able to let go of some things from my past that were holding me back so that I could clearly move forward.”

6 Months to profit from the place of intuitive alignment, so you don’t feel sleazy, and it feels almost too easy-with your own unique business model.


Pre-Session Questionaire & Pre-Call before your 90min session. We narrow in on goals, create a plan, set up tools, & onboard you to have a peaceful actionable experience

6 Months of Intuitive Strategic Business Coaching A lot can happen in 6 months! Get the guidance & support you need to transform every aspect of your life drastically. How you think, feel and do business will never be the same. You know you are meant to be a world server; it’s time to start acting like it and be who you’re meant to be.

(2) 45-minute 1:1 calls per month [12 total] to make sure you’re taking your own skills and combining them with simple strategies that are specific to your goals and desires you can then enter into a state of alignment that allows you to live and build your business in exactly the right way for YOU. [we cover anything from strategy, mindset checks, and intuitive reads from your guides.]

Voice & Text Support via VOXER  where we can connect daily [M-F] so that you always feel supported, knowing someone is there on your side, high-fiving moments we need to celebrate, and sending virtual hugs and words of encouragement on your down days.

Spirituality Practices, Journaling, Mediations & Channeling Tapping into your next level of business and life will require a paradigm shift (aka you can’t be who you’ve always been to get to the next level), and I got your back, my friend. I teach tools and sustainable solutions rather than just creating a pool of codependency. 

Business Resources & Templates You’ll always know what to do, without guessing and going down the freebie download rabbit hole. It’s time to act like the CEO of your business and focus on creating a strategic sustainable business model.

The investment

$6,000 per month (pay in full discount $30,000)