Intuitive Mentor Intensive

Bespoke 1:1 Intuitive Intensive

Your Intuitive mentor

You + Me + 4 focused hours of digging, discovering, identifying, releasing, and creating a new plan and goals to have a more purposeful life.



– Want a life that allows you to have more freedom through a higher state of consciousness, tapping deeper into your spiritual journey of self-discovery

– Feel like you are ready to move past the never-ending grind of success, constantly striving for superficiality, and want to ascend beyond the limits of consciousness.

– Want to grow from core wounds (people pleasing, past decisions, trauma influence) but don’t want to drag it out through years of therapy and want to move on.

– Long for the support of an intuitive mentor & confidante who can lead you into the next stages of your truth, your soul work.

– Are down-to-earth, open-minded, committed to your internal personal work for your life, and 100% ready to take self-accountability for every single aspect of your life and the reality check that may come with it?

"I spent over $75k trying to find the missing piece, Danielle found it"

The gifts Danielle has are truly unique & needed. Coming from a past of trauma, I spent over $75k trying to find the missing piece, Danielle found it. Danielle gets into your core through the walls built and used to protect my heart, my voice, and my life. She came in and blazed down the walls to build you back up in the most comfortable way. 
– Lisa Coots-Schooley

Meet Your Mentor

Hey! I'm Danielle

Intuitive Mentor. Confidante. Channel. Psychic Medium.

I’m the real-talk version of what you’ve been told to avoid for your entire life. And you’re the conformed and conditioned version of your most profound truths and desires, holding you back from achieving your ultimate success.

Together, we’ll be the medicine your soul needs to find your true fulfillment in this lifetime by maximizing your freedom by guiding you on your spiritual journey of self-discovery. 

I promise to give you all of my knowledge and teach you the tools of my soul when you work with me as your intuitive mentor. 

It’s time to allow yourself the whole journey of self-discovery… To live a legendary life of ineffable wealth requires reaching the highest levels of personal development.

Now you’re here because you’re ready to transcend normalcy and become extraordinary. 

Let’s go. 

Featured in:

"What we accomplished with just two hours would have probably taken me 6 months with someone else and 12 months to achieve on my own"

“What we accomplished with just two hours would have probably taken me 6 months with someone else and 12 months+ to achieve on my own. You helped me connect to myself on a deeper spiritual level, and I didn’t even know I was looking for that.”

– Michelle Tangeman

Investment Includes:

"Her intuitive gift is to pinpoint what your hidden blocks are.. and helps you realize them to find what's holding you back"

 – Kelly Lunt

What we will cover

>> DISCOVER: Between the pre-assessment & our time together we will be able to help you identify the root cause of your blocks and how deep your issues go so you can begin moving forward and leave the past where it belongs

>> IDENTIFY: Once we have identifed root causes behind your blocks we can figure out where it orginated from and more importantly how it wired you.

>> EVALUATE: Have you been driven by pleasing, or pain

>> RELEASE: Hand-in-hand I will help you have instant relief and detachment from your blocks.

>> REINFORCE: From learning how you are motivated we will create a lifelong practice and tools that will last you a lifetime as you continue to evolve on your human journey

>> CLARITY & FREEDOM: More than anything you will see & feel yourself in a way you have never experienced. 

The total investment for the entire package above is just $5,000 virtual | $8,000 in Baton Rouge, LA