How to Manifest Your Best Life
How to Manifest Your Best Life by Controlling Your Emotions

If you spend two minutes in the online spiritual space, you’re likely to come across the widely used and misunderstood topic of manifestation. Spend more than a few months trying it out and you’re likely to require a rubber room for all your confusion, frustration, and mental exhaustion. This is because the notion of feelings-based manifestation is not widely known or practiced.

Manifestation is THE mammoth emotional hell roller-coaster of all spiritual practices. There are thousands of manifestation experts out there claiming they have the ONE way to beat all ways for ensuring you receive everything you desire. Yet they seldom work for more than a handful of people.

Are these so-called experts all frauds? No, but for the most part, they are trying to explain a complex and often life-long study into a simple, one-size-fits-all answer. This then promotes a false idea of instant success and gratification.

Feelings-based manifestation, your own way.

As much of a complete mindfuckery practicing manifestation can be, there is something you can do (besides crying into a bottle of shiraz) that will dramatically increase your likelihood of success. That is to practice FEELING into your desires. To be more precise, it’s your emotional energy that plays the biggest role in all manifestation.

“There is only one way, your way.” Danielle Aime 

The process for how you get to that emotional state might be very personal, and there are many proven techniques, but it all comes back to finding what works for you to get your emotions to the state they need to be for your desires to materialize.

Change your feelings, change your vibration.

Feelings-based manifestation is a very simple concept, but we make it hard by over-complicating how to do it.

“Negative emotions are like unwelcome guests. Just because they show up on our doorsteps doesn’t mean they have a right to stay.”
Deepak Chopra 

Our thoughts and feelings emit a vibrational frequency. Vibration is a Universal language and every being in the Universe speaks it fluently whether they know it or not. We don’t learn how to speak vibrations. They are the emotional energy that we naturally transmit to everyone and everything around us through our feelings. The biggest emitter of vibrations are thoughts, which is why it is imperative to get ahold of your limiting beliefs so you can switch your emotional energy into the vibrational frequency of your desire.

Feel all the feels.

Feeling a wide range of emotions is part of our everyday life. But so is not feeling our emotions. Many of us stuff down unwanted feelings to avoid feeling the pain or grief associated with them, turning feelings into core beliefs about ourselves and the world that lower our energetic vibration.

When you become paralyzed by feelings you then begin living a reactive life; you are reacting to things as they happen. Then you hurry to stuff the feelings down to avoid prolonging the discomfort until the next unpleasant situation occurs, leaving the unresolved feelings to lurk there just beneath the surface and form your core beliefs.

This emotional-based living equals a slow drip of anesthetic. All feelings should be felt, but it’s how you process the thoughts behind your feelings that change your vibrational frequency.

The secret behind manifesting is not getting locked into the dreadful feelings that occur when bad things happen. Instead, acknowledge those feelings and then immerse yourself in the thoughts and feelings of having what you desire.

Choose your feelings, choose your life.

Your life is a mirror and what you are experiencing in the physical reflects what you have become internally; you emit it out. This is usually a hard pill to swallow and many get defensive because they can’t fathom that they are a part of the events unfolding in their life.

But what if I turned that same concept around and told you that you can control and change what’s happening around you? Does that feel better? More empowering?

When we choose to change the way we feel, we allow a much grander thing to unfold. We impose a change upon the entire world. Literally, one small feeling can radiate out into the Universe, creating a ripple effect that begins to shift humanity into something better.

The world around us is mirroring humanity in its current vibrational state. The motto ‘what you focus on grows’ is a literal interpretation of reality. Let’s sum this up into a more digestible statement: change the way you feel – you create change upon the Universe. This, in turn, buys you even more time to change the things inside you to then have even more positive experiences around you.

Remember the world is your mirror. The mirror in which shows you through people what you need changes, who you desire to be, who you deny you are. The more toxicity in human thought, the more of a cesspool the world really is.

Lean into the feelings of having your desires.

Now that you have identified core beliefs that are holding your back and understand the connection between internal feelings and vibrational frequency, you are ready to feel as if you already have what you are asking the Universe to give you. Feel the feelings you would have if you already lived in the home of your dreams, if you already shared your life with your perfect partner, or if you were already financially free.

Here’s an example of practicing feelings-based manifestation:

Limiting Belief: I’ve always been poor. Therefore, I’ll never be able to pay off my bills. (Vibrational frequency tells the Universe: You are poor and you can’t pay your bills.)

New Choice: I’ve always been poor, and that sucked. But I did my best with what I knew at the time. I know I can turn it around because I am learning, and I am worthy of having everything I

desire – just like everyone else is. (Vibrational frequency shifts into: I have hope. I can. I am deserving.)

Lean into Feelings of Paying Bills with Ease: Now you imagine going to the mailbox and only receiving surprise parcels and unexpected cheques. Feel the joy, the comfort, and the fun associated with that. When you find coins on the ground, focus on the feeling of how easy abundance just shows up in your life. Make common occurrences become something extraordinary.

Focus on what it feels like to be so incredibly financially abundant. Feel what it feels like to enjoy the freedom that comes with doing, buying, giving, receiving, going wherever you please whenever you please, and knowing that you are worthy of it all.

Shift to this space as many times as you can throughout your days to re-program your mindset and establish a new baseline for receiving.

Vibrational energy is contagious.

Understand the relationship between non-physical force and the physical world. There is a non-physical power within us that brings whatever heals our bodies and minds and even brings peace to the earth. By controlling our minds and regulating our feelings, we awaken the possibilities and we invite them to become the overlay that we experience. When you move the limiting beliefs out of the way and debunk them, you open up a window inside yourself to feel differently, to allow more in, and to buy into the feeling of what it is you desire, as if it was here at this very moment.

If you continue to just ignore and walk away from conquering the low vibrational energy of your core beliefs of self, you will continue to attract into your life everything you don’t want, because that is where your focus and feeling continues to be.

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