Just like you, I struggled to get my business off the ground. 

Just like you, I spun my wheels crying often asking what was wrong with me, I must not be good enough and who am I to try to have a business!

Just like you, I tried to be the way I thought I “should” be.

What I’m here to tell you is I know for sure is that when we allow ourselves to explore fearlessly and boldly, we allow ourselves to live life abundantly.

After many (MANY) years of trying to run my own life and business in the way everyone else was, I began to realize that trying to be “normal” was killing me.

I suffered from suicidal depression, extreme anxiety and low self-esteem because I was living in the box society kept trying to stuff me in. I knew in my heart I wasn’t like most people around me, which was sometimes lousy thing, because I didn’t know how to follow anyone else’s guidance. Coaches and business consultants were coming at me from a well-intentioned but totally not-me place.

After many stumbles, some serious ego-freak-outs, and continuing to take the bold steps I needed to live aligned to my own heart and soul, I created MY ideal life where my business, my finances, my personal life and my overall mental wellbeing all began to flow and my happiness grew exponentially 

In January 2015 I started my coaching business from scratch. At that point, I was distracting myself with any ‘busy-work’ tactic imaginable. I’d change my logo, build out a new banging website, and focus on the do-dads that frankly, no one gives a hoot about. I thought if I built it, they would come. They never did.

Something had to happen. My husband was tired of my excuses, lack of results, and more money being spent than being made. I was at a crossroads in my life. I realized how much I did not carry a growth mindset. I realized how much my low sense of self affected this business and every type of business I had ever had.

Although I was suffering from past trauma and largely unhappy in my life, I had this tiny little particle inside me that knew I was meant for more. One day, in a particularly dark moment, I decided to kick normal to the curb and start being beautifully abnormal ME. For the first time, I started listening to my intuition to embrace self-acceptance. I began to listen to myself – even when what I heard didn’t really didn’t seem to make any “normal” sense.

My first big experience with intuition happened shortly after when I felt a strong pull to go on a business trip June 2017. For the first time, I overcame my usual fear and excuses, hopped on a plane with my 6-month-old baby and husband to meet with a bunch of strangers to take part in a business mastermind retreat. I had no idea what I was doing. I tried to talk myself out of going, and I had ALL the reasons I couldn’t go running on replay in my head. I didn’t know what to expect – there was no plan – and I had no clear idea what was the point of me going.  

I had no rational or reasonable reason to be spending even more money and more time going to this retreat. But I had this strong, relentless niggle inside me to just go. I had committed to turning inward and listening to my intuition and that is what got us on the plane. It ended up being the best decision of my life. That was the day I came into myself spiritually. I discovered rather abruptly I had very strong spiritual gifts, and I realized there was a whole other world in front of me I had to unpack and discover.

When I returned, I was even more committed than ever to be in tune with my truest self and ironically began to profit with purpose when I started tuning into my intuition.

I went from struggling to make more than $1,000 a month to unexpectedly hitting my first 10K month in a matter of 3 months. When you profit from the place of intuitive alignment, you don’t feel sleazy, and it feels almost too easy. I was aligned, and it was effortless. When I devoted the same amount of time I did on busywork to aligning myself, I found more results. 

Now, I teach other purpose-driven soulpreneurs how to turn in to their intuitive nature behind the scene of their business and really enter into a state of alignment, devotion and flow so they are confidently staying in their purpose-place while integrating simple strategies to grow with ease. 

Running your business from intuitive alignment helps amplify your natural skill sets, which, in turn, helps your business grow.

As you evolve on your own terms, your business evolves and grows with you.

By taking your own skills and combining them with simple strategies that are specific to your goals and desires you can then enter into a state of alignment that allows you to live and build your business in exactly the right way for YOU.

There are a lot of unknowns in life and business, and what I know for sure is that when we allow ourselves to explore fearlessly and boldly, we allow ourselves to live life abundantly.

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