Host Danielle Aime brings you manifestation tips, energetic strategies to tap deeper into your intuition, channeled messages, and inspirational stories that can help YOU follow your truth, awaken your purpose and tap into your soul work. Danielle shares blunt, honest, insightful real-life experiences that she used to overcome suicidal depression, sexual trauma, how she created a purpose-led business after many dead ends and transitioned from a linear way of life to one that became authentically her own. She’s sharing the depths of her soul so that her pains and wins may help to set you free.

Along with her sharing vulnerable personal experiences, she interviews fellow entrepreneurs who share their experiences and tips of their journey of going against the grain to live life on their terms, creating beautiful businesses along the way. Now it’s your turn to get real, raw, and inspired to tap deeper into the human experience so that you may harness the power of the soul’s journey being human.