How to Strengthen Your Intuition & Increase Your Spiritual Gifts

How to Strengthen Your Intuition & Increase Your Spiritual Gifts & Connection

You don’t need things to become more spiritual. 

Tarot cards, crystals, sage OH MY!

Since the dawn of human existence, we have perpetuated the use of many mystic tools to become more spiritual. Moon rituals, yoni eggs, oils, and the like are often considered great ways to enhance your spiritual journey. But they can also get you caught up more in illusions than in bringing you closer to the truth.  Especially if you want to utilize your intuition. 

But Danielle, I LOVE my crystal-oil-blue-room-meditation-healing-while-sitting-on-my-sacred-pillow-golden-light-halo-lamp ritual!! How can you ever expect me to believe that it’s not helping me be more spiritual!?!  

It’s ok Betty. You can have an entire amethyst cave chock-full of your favorite tools and have them be meaningful to you. If that’s what you choose, and it feels good for you – have at it!  

But you don’t NEED any of that to be a more spiritual being. You can’t be more spiritual than you already ARE. You ARE Spirit. Becoming more spiritual to strengthen your intuition is about returning to our natural state. 

You are a spiritual being. 

It’s important to remember you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Not the other way around. 

Your soul ascended here in human form to embark on a pre-determined journey of growth in perspective 

Spiritual accessories can help you learn and inspire your human-ness to be in a more spiritual mood. But the tools are not what makes you become more spiritual. They are just things, helping your human-self along in understanding.   

So, what really makes you more spiritual? 

Trust and belief in yourself, that you already possess infinite possibility, and that you fully embody spirit within you is really the only ‘thing’ you need to move closer to Spirit.  

If you hold faith you NEED tools or things to bring you to your desired state of oneness with the Creator, you will likely be highly disappointed. Relying on spiritual knick-knacks to bring you faith, contentment or joy is what puts people in a constant state of highs and lows when pursuing their highest potential.  

Hey, I get it. It feels good to get something new, that you feel connected to. But going that extra mile of willing it to be what brings you to the state of Being you’ve been searching for is whats holding you back from your purest spiritual form.  

It’s not that thing that brings you closer to Spirit. It’s acknowledging and connecting to your inner Source that ensures you are living consciously, therefore becoming more “spiritual”.  

5 simple steps to end your limiting beliefs
Don’t fall into comparison. 

This is another way we humans tend to fuel ourselves– off the comparison to others. Examples:  

“She meditates for an hour every single day – if I did that, I’d be WAY more spiritual.” (Secretly hates meditating..) 

“She’s so good at reading cards. I can’t read cards as well, I don’t have gifts like that.” (Secretly skeptical about cards.) 

“She held a crystal and manifested $100 bucks! That NEVER happens to me and I own $5,627 worth of crystals. What am I doing WRONG!” (Secretly knows NOTHING about crystals. Just heard they were good for spirituality.) 

Sound remotely familiar? Don’t worry, I won’t judge you. It’s part of the human path to our soul’s calling to search out external help. I will tell you, however, that it’s this way of thinking that gets us in all kinds of ruts when trying to become more spiritual.  

It’s not the things we use to enhance or aid us in our spiritual journey that makes us spiritual. It is you and I and everyone. Fully and completely, without any accessories.  

-Danielle Aime

Kat Horodyski of My Spiritual Roadtrip describes the concept of true spirituality by saying that in her own journey, being spiritual is more about putting energy behind that which is full of love, instead of that which is out of obligation or fear.  

If you fear you aren’t really spiritual without a stick of Palo Santo in your hand, you’re missing the point of true spirituality. When in a state of comparison, you are focusing more on the thing that played a role in someone’s experience than you are on the state of Being the human was in while using that thing.

Spirit is already within you. It’s right there. It’s not a set of beliefs, there are no rules to follow to unveil it, and tools aren’t needed to get to it. Yes, you can choose to have them there if it makes you feel good and helps you move towards your highest state. But possessing them or partaking in things you don’t really feel aligned with is not making you more spiritual.  

Spirituality is oneness with the Creator. Realizing you are not alone and an infinitely powerful being. 

-Danielle Aime

How to strengthen your intuition to tap into your natural state of spiritual gifts without all the things. 

Develop, listen to and use your intuition. It’s as simple as that. Honestly, if we all practiced developing just this one thing, our entire world would be a completely different place.  

Trusting yourself and having faith that you are divine and one with Spirit will lead to you trust the feelings and messages you get when going inward, beyond that human suit of yours. Intuition is our pre-existing, soul-guidance system that gives us all we need to live a more spiritually-rich life. 

Ask and Listen to Strengthen Your Intuition

Develop intuition by asking yourself questions, listening to what comes up, and trusting it. Questions to ask yourself might be: 

What levels of yourself have you still not unlocked? Where have you not found acceptance? Where do you still dim your shine? Where is your voice shut off? Where in your life are you scared to not fit the ‘norm’?   

Your inner guidance system will guide you in the highest light, with the least amount of struggle.  It’s the human beings we are that allows us the free will to choose how to react to our intuition, what to listen to and what to ignore.   

It’s free will that often moves us away from trusting our intuition. Human fear (ego) is what’s created an entire planet that seems dedicated to ignoring this single, most important sense. It’s our human-ness that muddies the waters and tells us we need to look outward to a thing to gain a higher perspective and spiritual connection. 

The more you trust yourself, the more you will be open to receive the spiritual guidance that we’ve come to know as intuition.  The more you actively explore your intuition, the more you will learn to distinguish between the guidance of higher self and of fear-based ego (human free will) that we tend to adhere to more. 

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