Hey there soulpreneur

She has (positive qualities)

Shes struggling (where she needs help)

How I relate and understand.

Solution on how I can help. 

All breif.

Here's How I can help you:

Launch Your Light

DIY at your own pace course with one Q+A call per month and group support. For the beginner trying to get their business off of the ground or consistent clients. 

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Legendary Light Worker

12-week group program. This is for the business owner who has clients make an income but gets stuck between 5k-10k months and can’t budge or keep the bottom line income level consistent. 

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Daring To Be Human

membership for spiritual growth and self-development. 

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World Servers

12-month group mastermind. 

This is an extension off of Legendary Lightworkers. Continued guidance from me, private retreat, etc. 

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Private 1:1 Package

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