I’m the real-talk version of what you’ve been told to avoid for your entire life. And you’re the conformed and conditioned version of your deepest truths and desires. Together, we’ll be the medicine your soul needs to get you back to yourself and out of the shackles that bind you from a life of real joy. 

There are many ways to work with me, but the defining thread for all of them is you. How you show up. How you commit yourself to the process. How much action you take.  

I promise to give you all of my knowledge and teach you the tools of my soul. But there’s no easy button to coming into yourself.  

It’s time to allow yourself the full journey of self-discovery…the good, the bad, the ugly, the slow baby steps, and the giant leaps. It’s ALL a part of the human experience for spiritual beings who are being called to bring forth a new paradigm of being. 

You’re in my space now because you are ready to break free fro‘normal’ and embrace extraordinary. 

Let’s go. 

Here's How I can help you:

Daring to be Human Membership


Daring To Be Human™

A monthly membership community for those that have a deep desire to make a bigger impact in the world and are ready to step outside the comfort zone of what society deems as normal to become a catalyst of transformation in their life. 

Learn to raise your consciousness to a level that allows you to manifest what you desire out of life and/or business.  Be supported and nurtured by a group of other spirit-leaders. 

This is a great starting-point to working with me if you have a small budget. 


Launch Your Light™

An online course for conscious creators who have a burning desire to serve and want to take the guesswork out of creating an offer that actually sells. 

Using my foundational principles of discover-align-flow, you will find and form your inner truth that will allow the external expansion you are so desperately searching for.  

Launch Your Light is the perfect “Business in a Box” starter kit for those who are looking to start and grow their business to 5K months. Includes lifetime access to course modules and bonus materials. 

Launch Your Light
Legendary Lightworker

Group Program

Legendary Lightworker™ Lab

This is a longer-term group container to help conscious creators take their established business to a new level. 

The lab platform hosts all of your learning modules such as automation, systems, processes and marketing. The lab is a combination of pre-recorded learning modules as well as my own personal videos where I teach you to delegate, automate and structure your business to become resilient and not reliant on social media platforms. 

Let’s make you the CEO of your business. This program is open for enrollment twice a year.  


The World Servers™

A 12-month mastermind + in-person healing retreat for the conscious creator who has become the CEO of their life yet still feels the struggle to maintain what they have or want to reach an even higher potential.

This extended Mastermind is designed to cover everything you need to become harmonically balance in body, mind & spirit. During this one-year intensive container, you will develop a greater mindset capacity, a devoted spiritual practice, and a strategic business model that aligns with your soul.

You will learn the harmonic balance of feeling emotions but not letting them consume your identity, cultivate a spiritual practice without completely bypassing your human experience, and further align your business to your soul while also strengthening its strategic execution.

You will achieve this balance and the resulting abundance through a specific focus on self-intimacy, which is the most vital and vulnerable step to getting past the resistance to receive. Whether it’s the business, money, purpose, supportive partner, or greater joy, you can have it all.

1_1 Business

1:1 Deep-Dive Coaching

Intuitive Business Coaching

Discover your purpose and breakthrough internal beliefs that don’t serve your highest potential so you can scale your business using a mind, soul, and strategy approach.  

We bust through blocks, build out systems and intuitively align them in the human soul experience. My 1:1 business coaching best serves those with an existing business that has created an audience and earned at least some revenue who wants to expand and scale.

1:1 Deep-Dive Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching

Roll up your sleeves because this isn’t for the faint of heart or someone who requires hand-holding to get stuff done! This is for an accomplished person who wants to leap into the next up-level in their life. 

In this 3- month mentorship, you will gain complete access to my gifts in mediumship, channeling, and Spirit guidance. You will be held in a container of healing and growth to get you where you want to be in your life.

1_1 Life

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