The 2022 Year ahead forecast is NOW available for a limited time. THIS will be the last year offered.


Giving yourself the ability to prepare for challenges and opportunities that may lie ahead with an upperhand. Your thoughts and emotions are behind the show of life, learn what's behind yours. 

This is not an easy button to life, but more so you giving yourself a guiding map.

You will choose how you navigate it. 

In these Highly Transformational Forecasts, I record a reading where I bring forth High Vibrational Beings, Your guides, Angels, Archangels, and the Masters to speak through me and talk to you.

This is not an interactive session. I will record for you straight channeling & messages – some trance channeled (the angels/guides/ascended masters talking through me) & send it to your email.


It can give you hope & the ability to prepare for challenges & opportunities that may lie ahead.

A forecast to see into the “seasons” or phase in which you will endure this particular emotion/feeling/situation, but also excitement & anticipation towards the good times.

You have free will, so that means you ALWAYS can change your path ahead, even if it gets predicted to be a certain way. In other words, just because your future prediction says one thing, it can be changed by the decisions you make before that point, like a choose your adventure novel.

Here's what you'll get

  • An audio recording of me channeling & delivering your messages
  • A photograph of any cards I may pull for you during your read
  • Transcription of your audio recording

A high vibrational meditation only available with the purchase of the 2022 year ahead forecast that you will receive via email after purchase.

In the summer of 2017, discovered rather abruptly I had very strong spiritual gifts, and I realized there was a whole other world in front of me I had to unpack and discover. I realized I wasn’t just a business consultant, nor was I average.

I took the bull by the horns and ran with it and have helped to serve hundreds of women just like you to love, empower, and become their best selves. 

I talk to your soul, your subconscious, channel inter-dimensional beings, angels, guides, archangels, ascended masters, and basically anything of the light if it has high vibrational energy I can read it. I trance channel (my voice changes), move energy, open, release, tap into the inner child, akashic records, and whatever else makes up the parts of the human/soul of YOU!

I teach other purpose-driven soulpreneurs how to turn in to their intuitive nature behind the scene of their business and really enter into a state of alignment, devotion, and flow so they are confidently staying in their purpose-place while integrating simple strategies to grow with ease.

This forecast is not a traditional year ahead forecast.

Your forecast is intuitively channeled to your energy and read from you, not the cards. I use cards as enhancers to help clarify and conceptualize your energy in the most precise way possible.

You have free will. Meaning you have the choice to choose your life path and change the course of your journey. Your journey is just like a write your own adventure novel. However, more likely than not you won't choose the past of least resistance. Why? Human conditioning.

Frequently Asked Questions

I do not predict the future; I read energy, and in that energy, there exist potentials. I get visions, pictures, sense feelings, and mental constructs that may influence your future.

Stress relief, clarity, and direction. Support in decision-making, insight into circumstances, and relief. Depending upon the reading: health advice, affirmation, and confirmation in purpose, among other subjects.

I do not make predictions about death, lottery numbers or stocks. All questions are based upon your energy make-up/vibration at the current moment of the reading. It is up to you to shift your vibration or maintain the path to create potential outcomes.

7-10 business days from the point of purchase. If there is a backup in the process any further than that duration, you will be notified immediately.

I will answer your questions honestly and straight to the point. I do not dumb down or soften what is received. The way in which I receive is specific to your soul’s direction. If I do, then I may enable a bad habit. However, my readings are very holistic and compassionate because that is how I choose to live my life. What you receive will support the highest calling of your soul.

Don't take my word for it, take theirs