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  • Kick Your Limiting Beliefs to the Curb: 6 No-Bullshit Tips

    Kick Your Limiting Beliefs to the Curb: 6 No-Bullshit Tips

    There I was, holed up in my office, eyeballs practically glued to the damn computer screen. I was wrestling with how to get the word out about my non-profit. Months, hell, years of work, and it still wasn’t hitting the mark. I was stuck in a rut, and it sucked.

    Then, like a lightning bolt, it hit me. Maybe the answer wasn’t in more work or research. Maybe the answer was inside me all along.

    I slammed my laptop shut and strolled around my yard (I’ve got a few acres to my name). As I wandered, I started to mull over what got me to this point. It wasn’t more hustle or more complicated work. It was a shift in perspective that let me see things in a new light.

    That’s when it really hit me – if I wanted to level up, I needed a fresh perspective, a new level of consciousness.

    So, I decided to step back and look at things from a different angle. And when I did, everything shifted – including my potential for success.

    We’ve all got them. That nagging voice in the back of our heads that tells us we’re not good enough, that we can’t do it, that we’re not worthy of success. But what if I told you those voices are just learned behaviors and thought patterns we’ve picked up over the years? And what if I told you that you can change those patterns, kick your limiting beliefs to the curb, and achieve success on your own damn terms? Here are six no-bullshit tips for doing just that.

    1. Recognize Your Bullshit Beliefs

    First things first, you’ve got to recognize the crap you’re telling yourself. What are these limiting beliefs about your abilities, worthiness, and chances of success? Are they based on facts or just some bullshit you’ve been feeding yourself? If it’s the latter, it’s time to challenge these assumptions and replace them with a more positive message.

    Remember, you’re as deserving of a fulfilling and joyful life as anyone else. The only thing standing in your way is your negative thinking.

    Exercise: For every negative thought, come up with three positive ones to counteract them.

    2. Trace the Origins of Your Beliefs

    Our beliefs are like the roots of a tree, often buried deep in the soil of our past experiences or the opinions of others. They’re formed and shaped by many factors, from the words of a dismissive teacher to a harsh comment from a former lover.

    Let’s say you’ve always been told you sucked at math. After hearing it enough times, you started believing it and stopped trying. Or perhaps a past relationship left you feeling unworthy of love, so you’ve built walls around your heart to keep others out.

    But here’s the kicker: these experiences don’t define us—we define ourselves. Just because you struggled with math in the past doesn’t mean you’ll be bad at numbers for life. And just because one relationship didn’t work out doesn’t mean you’re unworthy of love.

    Exercise: Take a moment to reflect on your limiting beliefs. Where do they come from? Can you trace them back to a specific event, person, or experience? Understanding the origins of your beliefs is the first step towards challenging and changing them.

    Remember, you’re not a static being. You’re capable of growth and change. Your past may have shaped you, but it doesn’t have to define your future. You have the power to redefine yourself and rewrite your narrative.

    So, don’t let past experiences or the opinions of others hold you back. Start digging deep to uncover the roots of your beliefs, challenge them, and plant new seeds of self-belief and empowerment.

    And while we’re on the topic of self-discovery and purpose, it’s worth noting that finding your passion and purpose isn’t about what you do—it’s about who you are. If you want to dive deeper into the world of self-love and self-discovery, check out this straightforward guide on finding your passion and purpose. It’s a game-changer, trust me.

    Moreover, our emotions play a huge role in shaping our beliefs. They’re the unseen puppet masters pulling the strings behind the scenes. If you want to dive deeper into the world of emotions and their power, check out this power-packed guide on harnessing the power of emotions. It’s a game-changer, trust me.

    3. Challenge Your Beliefs

    Just because you’ve believed something for a long time doesn’t make it gospel. Start questioning your beliefs. Is there any concrete evidence to support them? If not, it’s time to kick them to the curb.

    Let’s say you’ve always believed you’re terrible at public speaking because you flubbed a presentation in high school. But is that one incident enough to label yourself as a bad speaker for life? Hell no!

    Exercise: Take a hard look at your belief. What makes it true? Is there a different way of looking at it? What are some alternate explanations? Maybe you were just unprepared for that high school presentation, or maybe you were having a bad day. It doesn’t mean you’re doomed to be a bad speaker forever.

    4. Reframe Your Beliefs

    Once you’ve identified and challenged your limiting beliefs, it’s time to reframe them into something more positive and empowering. This isn’t about lying to yourself or living in a fantasy world. It’s about shifting your perspective to see things in a more positive light.

    For instance, instead of thinking “I’m not good enough,” try “I’m doing my best, and I’m worthy of love and respect.” Instead of “I can’t handle this,” try “I can handle this, and if I can’t, I’ll seek help.”

    Exercise: Write down your limiting beliefs and then write a positive, empowering belief next to each one. Keep this list handy and refer to it whenever you catch yourself falling back into old thinking patterns.

    5. Practice Self-Compassion

    When you fuck up, be understanding and forgiving instead of being hard on yourself. We’re often our own worst critics, but it’s important to remember that everyone makes mistakes. It’s part of being human.

    Talk to yourself like you would talk to a friend who made the same mistake. Would you berate them and make them feel like shit? Probably not. So why do it to yourself?

    Exercise: The next time you make a mistake, take a moment to acknowledge it without judgement. Then, think about what you can learn from it and how you can do better next time. This is a much more productive and compassionate approach than beating yourself up.

    Be gentle with yourself as you’re working through this process. Change takes time and effort, so cut yourself slack if you find yourself slipping back into old thinking patterns. Remember, progress, not perfection, is the goal.

    6. Surround Yourself with Supportive People

    The people we hang out with can either reinforce our limiting beliefs or help us challenge and reframe them. Choose wisely. Surround yourself with people who will build you up instead of tear you down.

    You know the saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” Well, that’s only half true. You can teach an old dog new tricks, but first, you’ve got to help them unlearn the old ones.

    Most of us are where we are today because of our limiting beliefs. We believe that we’re not good enough, or not smart enough, or don’t deserve it. But what if I told you that all those beliefs were lies?

    Changing your mindset isn’t going to be easy. It’ll take time, effort, and a lot of willingness. But once you do, the sky’s the limit.

    Remember, you are worthy of success, no matter what anyone else has told you.

    One last thing I have that you may want to check out is 7 minute guided meditation for inner compassion & self-love. You’d be surprised how much how you feel about yourself in terms of self-love, affects your limiting beliefs.


  • Harnessing the Power of Emotions: A No-Bullshit Guide

    Harnessing the Power of Emotions: A No-Bullshit Guide


    We all have them, and they’re a hell of a lot more powerful than we give them credit for. They shape our decisions, our perceptions, and hell, our entire lives. So, let’s dive into this emotional rollercoaster, shall we?

    Emotions – The Unseen Puppet Masters

    Emotions are as natural as breathing or blinking. They’re automatic responses to our thoughts, experiences, and circumstances. They’re not just some fluffy, abstract concepts; they’re physical reactions designed to keep our asses alive.

    Fear makes your heart race and your palms sweat. That’s your body’s fight-or-flight response kicking in, a survival mechanism honed over millions of years. Emotions are also our way of communicating with others. When we see someone in pain, we feel empathy. When we’re happy, we smile.

    And yes, some emotions, like anger and sadness, can be a bitch to deal with. But remember, all emotions are normal and natural. There’s no right or wrong way to feel. So, embrace them. They’re a valuable part of life, helping us understand ourselves and the world around us.

    Emotions – Not Good or Bad, Just Is

    Let’s get one thing straight: emotions aren’t some moral compass pointing to good or bad. They just are. They’re as natural as the sky is blue or the grass is green. It’s how you express these emotions that can either build bridges or burn them down.

    Feeling angry? I’ve been there. I used to be a very reactive and defensive person. I was emotionally immature, and it destroyed so many paths. I suppressed a lot or bolted like a cannon. But over time, I learned to express my anger in healthier ways. Instead of yelling or hitting something, I’d take a walk, meditate, or talk to a friend. Maybe you’re stuck in traffic, late for an important meeting, and the guy in front of you is driving like he’s on a leisurely Sunday stroll. Your hands clench the steering wheel, your heart pounds, and you’re ready to explode. But instead of honking like a maniac or flipping the bird, you could take a deep breath, put on some calming music, or call a friend to vent.

    Or maybe you’re at home and your partner left their dirty dishes in the sink again, even though you’ve asked them a million times to clean up after themselves. You feel your blood start to boil. But instead of launching into a tirade, you could go for a run, punch a pillow, or write a strongly worded letter that you never send. It’s about finding a way to express your anger that doesn’t harm you or others.

    Feeling happy? That’s a great one. Maybe you nailed a presentation at work, or your kid brought home a stellar report card. You’re on top of the world. So, how about expressing that joy? Dance like no one’s watching, create a celebratory piece of art or blast your favorite feel-good tunes. Share your happiness with others, and spread the positivity.

    And let’s not forget about sadness. It’s a powerful emotion, and it can grip you tight. I’ve had my share of heartbreaks and losses. It’s a heavy, all-consuming emotion. Maybe you’ve lost a loved one, or you’re going through a tough breakup. It feels like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. But to move through it, you need to accept it, understand why it’s there, and let it live.

    Don’t bottle it up. Cry if you need to. Watch a sad movie. Write in a journal. Talk to a trusted friend. Seek professional help if it becomes too much. It’s okay to feel sad. It’s okay to grieve. And remember, it’s okay to ask for help

    Emotions – The Ebb and Flow

    Let’s get one thing straight: emotions are as fleeting as a damn summer breeze. They’re here one moment, gone the next. Just like your breath. You inhale, you exhale, and you can’t hold your breath forever, right? Same goes for emotions.

    Think about the last time you were pissed off. Maybe your boss dumped a shitload of work on you at the last minute, or your partner forgot to do that one thing you asked them to do for the umpteenth time. Your blood boiled, your heart pounded, and you felt like you could breathe fire. But did that anger last forever? Hell no! Eventually, you cooled down, maybe after a good rant or a walk outside.

    Or remember that time you were so happy you thought you’d burst? Maybe it was when you got that promotion you’d been busting your ass for, or when your kid took their first steps. You were on cloud nine, grinning like a fool, feeling like nothing could bring you down. But did that euphoria last? Nope. It faded eventually, replaced by the normal humdrum of life.

    That’s the thing about emotions. They’re temporary. They ebb and flow, just like the tide. One moment you’re riding high on a wave of joy, the next you’re sinking low in the depths of sadness. But no matter how intense the emotion, it will pass. It has to.

    So, when you’re in the throes of a powerful emotion, remember this: it’s temporary. Let it wash over you, let it do its thing, and then let it go. Don’t try to cling to it or push it away. Just acknowledge it, experience it, and then release it.

    It’s like being in a river. You can’t stop the water from flowing, but you can learn to swim with the current. So, swim with your emotions. Don’t fight them. Don’t try to hold onto them. Just let them flow through you, and then let them go.

    Acknowledging and Understanding Emotions

    The first step to harnessing the power of emotions is acknowledging their existence and their role in our lives. And let’s be real, anyone who says they don’t have emotions is full of shit.

    Emotions are the invisible threads that connect us to the world around us. They’re the reason you feel a surge of love when you see your child’s face, or a wave of annoyance when your neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking. They’re the reason you feel a pang of sadness when you see a homeless person on the street, or a burst of joy when your favorite song comes on the radio.

    Emotions make us feel things more intensely. They add color to our lives, turning the mundane into something meaningful. They make us feel alive.

    So, the next time you feel an emotion, don’t dismiss it. Acknowledge it. Understand it. Embrace it. Because emotions aren’t just a part of life; they’re what make life worth living.

    Awareness and Control – The Secret Sauce

    The second step to mastering the art of emotions is becoming more aware of them. It’s like becoming a detective of your own mind. Pay attention to your body. Notice how your stomach knots when you’re anxious, or how your heart flutters when you’re excited.

    Observe how your mood changes throughout the day. Maybe you’re cheerful in the morning, grumpy after lunch, and relaxed in the evening. The more you practice this self-awareness, the more you’ll understand your emotional patterns and can adjust them accordingly.

    Once you’re aware of your emotions, you can control your reactions. Let’s say you’re feeling frustrated because your computer crashed and you lost hours of work. Instead of throwing a fit or blaming the universe, use positive self-talk. Tell yourself, “It’s annoying, but it’s not the end of the world. I can redo the work.”

    Or use visualization techniques. Imagine your frustration as a grey cloud. Now, picture a strong wind blowing that cloud away, leaving a clear, blue sky. By changing your negative emotions into positive ones, you’re not just improving your mood, you’re improving your overall mental health.

    Expressing Emotions – The Healthy Way

    Finally, we need to learn how to express our emotions in a healthy way. Bottling up your feelings is like shaking a soda can. Eventually, it’s going to explode, and it won’t be pretty. Suppressing or repressing our feelings can lead to physical and mental health problems, like stress, anxiety, or depression.

    So, find your emotional outlet. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, try journaling. Write down your thoughts and feelings. It’s like having a private conversation with yourself, and it can be incredibly therapeutic.

    Or talk to a friend. Sometimes, just voicing your feelings out loud can make them seem less daunting. Plus, getting a fresh perspective can help you see things in a new light.

    If you’re the creative type, channel your emotions into your art. Paint a picture, write a song, or choreograph a dance. Let your emotions flow through you and into your creation.

    Remember, it’s not just about expressing your emotions, it’s about expressing them in a way that’s healthy and constructive. So, find your outlet and let your emotions out.

    Emotions are the key to everything, but mastering them is no walk in the park. 

    I spent years learning and teaching myself ways to regulate my emotions, not to fault blame the world or my ADHD or some other label. It was a long road of introspection and processing, and I still work on my internal self. Not because I need to be fixed, but just like a flower, I am watered and nurtured so I may continue to bloom. Make it through the rough storms, frigid cold times, and brutal waves of internal heat as I bask in my joy of living in the infinite universe.

    Ready to dive deeper into the world of emotions? Get your hands on my workbook, UNMASK. It’s designed to help you uncover your true self and harness the power of your emotions. But why stop there? Upgrade to the Unmask Bundle for a more comprehensive journey into self-discovery, complete with video training lessons, audio lessons, meditations, and bonus courses. Trust me, it’s more than just a workbook; it’s a pathway to a more authentic, emotionally balanced you. Check it out here.


  • Unleash Your Intuitive Badassery: My Unfiltered Journey as an Intuitive Mentor

    Unleash Your Intuitive Badassery: My Unfiltered Journey as an Intuitive Mentor

    I’m gonna give it to you straight, no sugarcoating, ’cause that’s just how I roll. My name’s Danielle Aime and I’m not your typical mentor. I’m an intuitive badass here to help you transform your life. I’ve worked with countless individuals, helping them unleash their true potential in every damn aspect—emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. And let me tell you, it’s been a wild ride.

    My Journey

    I used to be a hardcore atheist, skeptical as hell. But then, in 2017, shit hit the fan, and everything changed. I discovered my spiritual gifts and tapped into some seriously mind-blowing abilities. And guess what? I’ve been using those bad boys to guide others on their path to success ever since.

    The Intuitive Mentorship Experience

    As an intuitive mentor who is more like a psychic surgeon, I don’t just skim the surface. Nah, I dive deep into your suppressed traumas, messed-up psyche, and all those emotional and energetic patterns shaping your life. I’ve got a freakin’ sixth sense for this stuff. But let me be clear—this isn’t some magic potion that solves all your damn problems overnight. No, no, no. It’s a shortcut, a kickass tool that’ll help you navigate the crazy rollercoaster of life with more efficiency and grace.

    Client Stories

    Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what some of my clients have to say:

    Michelle Tangeman said, “What we accomplished with just two sessions would have probably taken me 6 months with someone else and 12 months+ to achieve on my own. You helped me connect to myself on a deeper spiritual level, and I didn’t even know I was looking for that.”

    Luke Matthews shared, “She’s super genuine and one of those souls that gets it and gets you before you even say a word. I did a session with Danielle, and while I feel worse following it, it’s because Danielle is that good.”

    Lisa Coots-Schooley revealed, “I am 48 years old and have been on the journey to find my purpose despite my success. She got into my core and tore down those walls; no one has ever done that. Everything else I did only uncovered surface layers – she went so deep she brought a voice to parts of me – it’s what I prayed for.”

    The Power of Intuition

    And don’t even get me started on intuition. It ain’t some fluffy unicorn shit. It’s a kickass superpower that’ll guide you through life like a boss. Your gut feeling, that inner voice, that tingle in your nether regions—that’s your intuition, baby. It’s your built-in GPS for navigating life’s ups and downs. If you want to learn more about how to harness your intuition, check out my blog post on Unleashing Your Intuition.

    Embrace the Change

    Change is the only constant in life. Embrace it, or get left behind. Dive into the deep end of change and come out stronger and more badass than ever. If you’re ready to embrace change, check out my blog post on Embracing Change.

    Ready to Dive Deep?

    If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried every damn thing under the sun to achieve success. Books, courses, coaching—you name it, you’ve done it. But deep down, you still feel like there’s something missing. Well, my friend, it’s time to tap into your inner wisdom and discover the power of intuitive mentorship. Trust me, it’s a game-changer.

    When it comes to finding a mentor, you deserve something extraordinary—something tailor-made just for you. That’s where I come in. I’m not your basic mindset or therapy coach; I’m a motherf**king psychic surgeon for your soul. Together, we’ll dive into the depths of your energy field and unleash your true potential.

    Working with an intuitive mentor like me is a whole new level of guidance. Forget those cookie-cutter approaches found in books or courses. I’ll provide you with insights that are accurate, personalized, and designed specifically for your unique situation and needs. No more generic advice. This is a one-of-a-kind experience that will blow your damn mind.

    Here’s the real deal, my friend. When you tap into your inner wisdom, you gain an edge like no other. Your mentor will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, guiding you to focus on the areas where you’re most likely to find success. But it doesn’t stop there. When faced with challenging situations, your mentor will provide insights that go beyond surface-level advice. They’ll come from a place of deep understanding and compassion, giving you the tools to navigate those obstacles like a true badass.

    Intuitive mentorship isn’t just another option in your quest for success—it’s the missing puzzle piece you’ve been searching for. By harnessing the power of your intuition, you’ll make better decisions, achieve tremendous success, and create a life that’s truly fulfilling.

    So, if you’re ready to take your life to the next level, I dare you to apply for Authentic Evolution. Together, we’ll unleash your intuition, kick ass, and achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t wait another second—let’s make magic happen!

    Authentic Evolution is a comprehensive, DIY + implementation program where you will receive direct personal guidance from me to help you evolve authentically and live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

    I will be there for you every step of the way:

    → Helping you identify your true passion and purpose
    → Assisting you in aligning your life and work with your authentic self
    → Guiding you in creating a personal identity that truly represents you
    → Providing you with strategies to overcome self-doubt and fear
    → Assisting you in creating a sustainable lifestyle that supports your evolution
    → Guiding you in maintaining your authenticity in all aspects of your life
    → Helping you navigate through life’s challenges while staying true to yourself

    I will guide you from start to finish to help you evolve authentically, build a life that aligns with your true self, and create a life that truly represents you, all the things I’ve done to help me live a fulfilled and purposeful life.

    Now it’s your turn. I’m here to guide you.

    **I’ve incorporated coaching and support into the Authentic Evolution program to ensure you take the necessary steps and see real transformation…”


  • The Wounded Divine Masculine: Let’s Cut the Bullshit and Get to Healing

    The Wounded Divine Masculine: Let's Cut the Bullshit and Get to Healing

    What It Is, How To Heal It And The Benefits Of Healing It

    Let’s talk about the elephant in the room – the wounded divine masculine. Yeah, you heard it right. Men have been in the hot seat for centuries, and it’s high time we address this shit. Politics, entertainment, sports – you name it, men have been accused left, right, and center. But can we fix this? Can we bring back the sacred masculine from the brink? Or is it a lost cause? Buckle up, because we’re diving deep into this.

    The Wounded Masculine: What the Hell is It?

    We often yap about the wounded divine feminine, but what about the masculine? It’s like the neglected middle child, just as messed up but never getting the spotlight. So, what does this wounded masculine look like?

    Think of it like this: You know that guy at work, the one who always has to be in control, who thinks there can only be one winner (him, of course), and everyone else is just a loser? That’s a classic case of the wounded masculine. It’s an us-versus-them mentality that turns people into obstacles rather than fellow humans.

    And let’s not forget the pressure to be Mr. Perfect. Men are expected to be the rock, never show weakness, and God forbid they shed a tear. All this crap is rooted in fear – fear of failure, of not being good enough, of vulnerability.

    How This Shit Shows Up in Our Lives

    Let’s take John, a high-flying executive. He’s been told to be ruthless, to put work first, and to sacrifice everything else for his career. He’s praised for his “killer instinct” and take-charge attitude. But this attitude spills over into his personal life, and he starts seeing his friends and family as competition. He’s always on the defensive, always ready for a fight. He feels like he can’t let his guard down, even with the people he loves. This mindset creates more wounds and feeds the already wounded masculine.

    But it’s not just John. This shit shows up in all sorts of ways and in all sorts of people. It’s the dad who can’t express love to his kids because he’s afraid it’ll make him look weak. It’s the husband who can’t communicate his feelings to his wife because he’s been taught that men should keep their emotions to themselves. It’s the friend who can’t ask for help when he’s struggling because he thinks he needs to solve his problems on his own.

    And it’s not just in our personal lives. It’s in our workplaces, where men are encouraged to be aggressive and dominant, often at the expense of their female colleagues. It’s in our schools, where boys are told to “man up” when they show any sign of vulnerability. It’s in our media, where men are often portrayed as either emotionless heroes or violent villains.

    The wounded masculine is everywhere, and it’s causing a whole lot of damage. It’s leading to stress, burnout, and relationship issues. It’s contributing to sexism, homophobia, and violence. And it’s preventing men from living authentic, fulfilling lives.

    But here’s the good news: we can heal the wounded masculine. It’s not easy, and it’s not quick, but it’s possible. And the first step is recognizing the problem. Once we can see the wounded masculine for what it is, we can start to challenge it, question it, and ultimately, change it.

    Healing the Wounded Masculine: Let’s Get to Work

    Healing this mess starts with acknowledging it. We need to have honest, no-bullshit conversations about what it means to be a man today. We need to talk about our fears, our struggles, and our emotional pain without feeling like we’re less of a man for it.

    Next, we need to change how we interact with other men. Instead of seeing each other as competition, we need to start seeing each other as allies. We’re all in this shit together, after all.

    Step 1: Acknowledge Your Feelings

    Find a quiet, comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. Sit down, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Allow yourself to feel whatever emotions are coming up. Don’t judge or try to change them, just let them be.

    Step 2: Identify Your Wounds

    Think about the behaviors and patterns that might indicate a wounded divine masculine within you. Are you overly competitive? Do you have a need to control everything? Do you avoid showing vulnerability at all costs? Write these down in a journal.

    Step 3: Reflect on Their Origins

    Try to identify where these behaviors and patterns come from. Did they start in childhood? Can you link them to specific events or influences? Write down any insights you gain.

    Step 4: Practice Self-Compassion

    Look at yourself in the mirror and acknowledge your wounds. Say to yourself, “I see you. I see your pain. And it’s okay.” This is a crucial step in healing – acknowledging your pain without judgment.

    Step 5: Visualize Your Divine Masculine

    Close your eyes and visualize what your divine masculine looks like when he’s healed. What qualities does he have? How does he behave? How does he feel? Write these down in your journal.

    Step 6: Affirm Your Healing

    Look at yourself in the mirror again and affirm your healing. Say to yourself, “I am healing. I am embracing my divine masculine. I am whole.”

    Step 7: Change Your Interactions

    Next, we need to change how we interact with other men. Instead of seeing each other as competition, we need to start seeing each other as allies. We’re all in this shit together, after all.

    Step 8: Embrace Emotional Expression

    Finally, we must embrace emotional expression as a part of our masculinity. Society often tells us that “real men” don’t show emotions, but that’s a load of crap. Real strength lies in being able to acknowledge and express our feelings. It’s about being a manly man who isn’t afraid to show his emotions, who doesn’t equate vulnerability with weakness. It’s about understanding that our emotions are a part of us, and expressing them doesn’t make us any less of a man. In fact, it makes us more human.

    Healing the wounded masculine isn’t about suppressing our masculinity or becoming less of a man. It’s about redefining what it means to be a man – a man who can be strong and sensitive, assertive and empathetic, confident and compassionate. It’s about creating a new narrative of masculinity, one where we can be true to ourselves and live a life that we don’t hate.

    Remember, healing is a journey, not a destination. Repeat this exercise daily or as often as needed. The wound of the divine masculine involves our relationship with women and men, so healing it requires deep healing of our inner feminine. We must also heal our relationship with ourselves, as we are all masculine and feminine energy equally. When we heal ourselves, we open up the possibility for others to do the same.


    Healing the Wounded Divine Masculine: A Personal Journey

    Healing the wounded divine masculine is a deeply personal journey. It’s not about becoming less of a man or more “feminine”. It’s about becoming kinder to oneself, working through trauma, and freeing oneself from internal suffering. It’s about becoming a man who carries empathy and compassion for others. I’ve seen this transformation firsthand in my husband, a combat USMC veteran with PTSD.

    Our Journey:

    My husband’s journey of healing his wounded masculine over the last 14 years has been nothing short of extraordinary. He didn’t become a “huge pussy” or overly “feminine”. Instead, he became kinder to himself, working through a lifetime of trauma from childhood to war. He developed empathy and compassion for others, and a lot of his internal suffering was freed.

    In his journey, we’ve used a mixture of traditional therapy & meds, which basically bought him time until we met and the real healing began. Going deep into the psyche through my intuitive guidance, we embarked on a transformative journey together.

    We took a trip to Peru for an ayahuasca journey, a powerful spiritual experience that opened up new avenues of healing. We also used ecstasy, marijuana, and psychedelic mushrooms, all in connection with unconventional talk therapies and metaphysical healing. These experiences weren’t just about escaping reality or getting a temporary high. They were about confronting the wounds, understanding them, and ultimately, healing them.

    The Transformation:

    The transformation in my husband has been profound. He’s still the strong, resilient man he always was. But now, he’s also more in touch with his emotions. He’s more empathetic, compassionate, and at peace with himself. He’s a testament to the fact that healing the wounded masculine doesn’t mean losing your masculinity. It means redefining it in a healthier, more holistic way.

    Healing the wounded divine masculine is a journey, not a destination. It’s a process of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-love. And while it’s not always easy, it’s always worth it. Because at the end of the day, we all deserve to live a life free from pain, full of love, and true to ourselves.


    Use the “Unmask Your True Self” Workbook

    The “Unmask Your True Self” workbook can be a powerful tool to supplement this exercise. It dives deep into areas that help you peel away layers and fully reveal your authentic self. The workbook, along with the Unmask Bundle, offers a richer, more comprehensive journey into self-discovery, supplemented with video training lessons, audio lessons, meditations, and bonus courses. This multi-modal learning approach makes you feel more connected and supported in your healing journey. Get started for just $7 or upgrade for $37


  • Get Your Sh*t Together: 7 No-BS Tips for Boosting Your Emotional Health

    Get Your Sh*t Together: 7 No-BS Tips for Boosting Your Emotional Health

    We all know the drill when it comes to physical health, right? Eat your veggies, hit the gym, don’t mainline donuts – pretty straightforward. But what about your emotional health? That’s a whole different ball game, and it’s high time we started paying attention. So buckle up, buttercup, because we’re diving headfirst into the world of emotional wellness.

    1. Give Yourself a Damn Break (Focus on Self-Compassion)

    First things first, stop being such a hard-ass on yourself. Self-compassion is the name of the game here. Screwed something up? It happens. Instead of beating yourself up, try treating yourself with a little kindness. Celebrate your wins, big or small, and do something nice for yourself every day. Yes, that means you can totally justify that Netflix binge.

    2. Clear Out the Crap (Declutter Your Mind)

    Life can be a chaotic mess. Between work, relationships, and that weird smell coming from your kitchen, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. It’s time to Marie Kondo your mind, folks. Cut out the crap that’s not serving you and focus on what really matters. You’re the boss of your life, so act like it.

    3. Ditch the Junk (Clean Up Physical Clutter)

    Speaking of clutter, let’s talk about your physical space. Ever tried to find your keys in a room that looks like a bomb went off? Not fun. Clean up your space, and you’ll be amazed at how much it can improve your mental state. And no, shoving everything in a closet doesn’t count.

    4. Get Your Feelings in Check (Understanding Emotional Health)

    Emotional health is more than just “not feeling like crap.” It’s about understanding and managing your emotions, building positive relationships, and not feeling like you’re on an emotional roller coaster 24/7. So let’s get our sh*t together and start taking our emotional health seriously.

    5. Chill the Hell Out (Practice Stress Management Techniques)

    Stress is a part of life, but that doesn’t mean you have to let it run the show. Find some stress-busting techniques that work for you – whether that’s yoga, journaling, or screaming into a pillow (we’ve all been there). The key is to make these techniques a regular part of your life, not just a last-ditch effort when you’re on the verge of a meltdown.

    6. Feel Your Feelings (Get in Touch with Your Emotions)

    You’ve got feelings. Lots of ’em. And it’s important to check in with them regularly. Take some time each day to reflect on how you’re feeling and why. This isn’t about overanalyzing every little emotion, but rather understanding what’s going on in that noggin of yours.

    7. Find Your Tribe (Foster Positive Relationships)

    Surround yourself with people who lift you up, not drag you down. Positive relationships are a huge part of emotional health, so find your tribe and stick with ’em. And remember, it’s quality over quantity here. A few good friends are worth more than a thousand frenemies.

    Look, life’s a wild ride, and it’s easy to let our emotional health take a backseat. But it’s time to stop treating our feelings like an afterthought. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to better emotional health. So let’s get out there and start living our best damn lives.

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  • Unleash Your Intuition: Gain the F**king Advantage You’ve Been Missing!

    Unleash Your Intuition: Gain the F**king Advantage You've Been Missing!

    Are you tired of feeling stuck in life? Fed up with making decisions that don’t align with your true self? Well, it’s time to tap into your intuition and unleash the power within! In this kick-ass blog post, we will dive deep into why intuition is the ultimate advantage, both in your personal life and in business. So buckle up, buttercup, and let’s get this party started!

    Why Intuition Is Your Secret Weapon

    Listen up, my friends, because I’m about to drop some truth bombs on you. Intuition is not some fluffy, magical unicorn concept. It’s a real-deal superpower that can guide you through life like a boss. Your intuition is that gut feeling, that inner voice, that tingling sensation that tells you what the f**k to do. It’s your built-in GPS to navigate through the ups and downs of life.

    The Science Behind Intuition: It’s Not Just Woo-Woo Sh*t

    Now, I know some of you skeptics out there are rolling your eyes, thinking, “Yeah, right, this is just woo-woo sh*t.” Well, hold on to your panties, because science is here to back me up. Research has shown that intuition is not some mystical hocus-pocus; it’s a result of your brain processing information at lightning speed. Your subconscious mind is a badass machine that picks up on subtle cues, patterns, and past experiences, giving you that “aha!” moment when you need it most.

    Trust Your Gut: How to Hone Your Intuition

    So, how the f**k do you tap into this superpower and sharpen your intuition? It all starts with trusting your gut. Yeah, I know it can be scary as hell to rely on something that’s not concrete and logical, but guess what? Your intuition has your back, my friend. Start by paying attention to those intuitive nudges, those feelings that tell you something is off or that you’re on the right track. 

    1. Get to Know Your Badass Self: Take a deep dive into your own mind, emotions, and behavior. Get freakin’ self-aware and understand what makes you tick. Embrace your strengths, acknowledge your weaknesses, and own your unique quirks.

    2. Shut the F**k Up and Listen: Carve out time to shut out the noise of the world and get quiet with yourself. Disconnect from the endless distractions and find your Zen zone. Meditation, breathing exercises, or simply chilling in nature can help you dial down the external chaos and amplify your inner voice.

    3. Tune in to Your Bodily Bells and Whistles: Your body is a f**king powerhouse of intuitive signals. Pay attention to those gut feelings, goosebumps, or even the hair on the back of your neck standing up. Your body knows what’s up, so don’t ignore its wise-ass messages.

    4. Trust That Gut Instinct: Embrace your inner badass and trust your instincts, even if they don’t make logical sense. That’s right, let your intuition take the wheel and steer you in the right direction. Sometimes it’s that “holy sh*t” feeling that leads to the most epic decisions.

    5. Practice Makes Intuitive: Start flexing your intuition muscles by making small decisions based on those gut feelings. Test the waters and see how your intuition guides you. Learn from the outcomes, whether they’re freakin’ fantastic or not so great, and use that knowledge to level up your intuitive game.

    6. Reflect, Learn, and Rock On: Take some time to reflect on your intuitive decisions and their results. Celebrate the victories, learn from the mishaps, and keep growing. Each experience is a f**king lesson that helps you fine-tune your intuition and become an even bigger badass.

    7. Embrace Your Inner Creative Freak: Unleash your creative side, whether it’s through writing, dancing, painting, or anything that tickles your fancy. Engaging in creative activities opens up channels to your subconscious mind and cranks up your intuitive power. So, get weird and embrace the funky creative energy within you.

    8. Seek Solitude like a Rebel: Sneak away from the crowd and find some quality alone time. Embrace solitude like a boss and recharge your intuitive batteries. Journaling, nature walks, or just sitting alone with your thoughts can help you tap into that intuitive mojo.

    9. Hang with the Intuition Crew: Surround yourself with people who freaking get it. Seek out supportive friends who believe in the power of intuition and personal growth. Engage in deep conversations and collaborate with badass individuals who inspire and uplift you on your intuitive journey.

    10. Enjoy the Intuition Rollercoaster: Remember, embracing your intuition is a wild ride. Embrace the twists and turns, the ups and downs. It’s a continuous journey of growth and self-discovery. Be kind to yourself, be patient, and trust that your intuition will always have your back.


    Intuition in Business: From Side Eye to Success

    Now, let’s talk about how intuition can kick some serious ass in the business world. You know those successful entrepreneurs who seem to have a knack for making the right moves and crushing it? Yeah, you guessed it—they’re tapping into their intuition like a boss. Intuition can guide you in making strategic decisions, spotting opportunities, and connecting with your audience on a deep level. It’s your secret weapon to stand out from the competition and create a business that’s authentically you. So, embrace your intuition, my friend, and watch your business soar!

    Our subconscious mind is 10,000X more powerful than our conscious mind

    We all know that our subconscious mind is a powerful tool, but let me blow your mind with the extent of its power. Brace yourselves, my friends, because this sh*t is mind-blowing!

    Humans can make decisions in mere seconds with the power of our subconscious mind. Yeah, you heard that right. These decisions usually happen so fast that we don’t even realize we’ve made them. It’s like our subconscious mind is playing a badass game of decision-making ninja behind the scenes. And here’s the mind-blowing part—the subconscious mind is a whopping 10,000 times more powerful than our conscious mind. Woah!

    It’s not something we’re taught to do; it’s an innate part of being human. We don’t need to be told that we should be able to make quick decisions. Our subconscious mind just kicks into high gear and makes sh*t happen. It’s like having a supercomputer wired into our brains, crunching data, recognizing patterns, and delivering lightning-fast insights.

    Take a moment to let that sink in. All of the world’s greatest minds, from Albert Einstein to Steve Jobs, tapped into the epic power of their subconscious minds. They achieved their significant contributions to science and technology by trusting their intuition, often outside the realm of available data, and many times in a f**king flash. These badass geniuses knew how to listen to that inner voice, that intuitive hunch that led them to groundbreaking discoveries and innovations.

    So, my friends, it’s time to unleash the untapped power of your subconscious mind. Embrace your intuition and trust your gut. Your subconscious mind is a force to be reckoned with, and it’s there to guide you, support you, and help you make decisions that will rock your world.

    Remember, you have a powerhouse within you that’s 10,000 times stronger than your conscious mind. Don’t underestimate it—tap into it. Trust your intuition, make quick decisions like a badass, and watch the magic unfold.

    Now, let’s go out there and unleash the power of our subconscious minds. We’ve got sh*t to conquer, dreams to chase, and a world to f**king rock!

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    Remember, humans, your intuition is your f**king advantage in life and business. Don’t ignore it—embrace it. Trust your gut, tap into your inner badass, and let your intuition guide you to the success you deserve. Now, go out there and kick some serious ass!