Intuitive Strategic Business Planning for conscious professionals, healers & creatives to awaken, integrate, and turn their soul purpose work into a sustainable business.

You have arrived in this space because you are being called to bring forth a new paradigm of being; ready to break free fro‘normal’ and embrace the extraordinary. You can have it all, let’s get clear on what you actually want then accelerate the path to get there. 

Danielle aime | spiritual teacher healer intutive life coach

Find out your soul station!

Discover Your Soul Purpose Business and confirm why you are here. You know you are not like most who are close to you. Something seems a little different in a powerful, magical way. Discover how your soul work is discovered and transitioned and that you were designed and destined to live a thriving life.

Your Soul Purpose Work


Daring to be Human

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I'm not like the rest - pinky promise

The Psychic MBA

I’m no the standard labeled intuitive business coach. I incorporate the mind, soul and strategy into my practice. 

It’s not every day that you get to meet someone with the ability to read your suppressed thoughts & emotions, channel light language, talk to your inner child, align and activate you to your soul purpose work, help you create and implement intuitive strategic plans, and help you with the tech.
So today is your lucky day because I’m that person!
I have over 18+ years in the online business world + a plethora of spiritual gifts and want to help you shine your light into the world.

"Danielle's methodology in presenting these steps and the thought process to get you from a random idea to a business is the magic."

I have a corporate background and a day job. And while I love that, I have been called to do more to help humans. Danielle’s methodology in presenting these steps and the thought process to get you from a random idea to a business is the magic. Through this process step-by-step, it takes you the information you need to solidify what your business offering will be. What she’s done here is added the soul work into business creation.

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