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I guide high-performing entrepreneurs to discover who they are by building ineffable wealth through confidence, clarity, and purpose.

The 5 step guide to achieve ultimate success

Uncover what’s holding you back from achieving your goals in 5 simple yet, practical steps.

The steps are easy, effective, and everlasting; a new world is waiting for you. 

Take a deep dive into yourself and find out what you want.

A path to self-confidence, clarity, and purpose Through metaphysical practice

Power of Presence

The state of being totally in the moment. It is not a thought or a feeling, but the space in which both thought and feeling arise. When you are fully present, you are completely absorbed in whatever you are doing and are not distracted by regrets about the past or worries about the future.

Art of Surrender

The process of releasing your attachment to your thoughts and feelings. Recognizing that your thoughts are not reality. Surrendering also involves accepting the present moment, even if it's uncomfortable, and letting go of your need for control.


The key to creating a life of meaning and fulfillment. It is the engine that drives us to achieve our goals and make a difference in the world. When we are purposeful, every action we take is aligned with our deepest desires and contributes to our ultimate purpose.

Transformation of Consciousness

A gradual awakening to who you are beyond the mind. It is a process of growing into your true self, becoming more aware and accepting of yourself and your surroundings. It is a shift in your perspective that allows you to see yourself and your life in a new way.

Shadow Work

A process of self-reflection and personal growth. It involves exploring the darker aspects of your personality and psyche, and working to understand and integrate them into your overall identity.

Emotional Intelligence

The capacity to be aware of and manage one's own emotions, and the emotions of others. Interact effectively with others, cope with stress, and make better decisions.

The Ego

The ego is a product of the thinking mind, and it creates a sense of separation between you and the world around you. Overcome by cultivating a sense of awareness and presence.

Inner Child

Inner child is the true essence of who you are. It is the observer of your thoughts and emotions, and it is always present. When you connect with your inner child, you connect with your authentic self.

We All Need Help To Realize What We Want Most

Private services

This isn’t for the faint of heart. If you’re looking to take your life to the next level, this session is for you. In just one session with you and me, you’ll uncover the missing pieces you need to succeed. This intense, fast-paced session will help you get to the bottom of your unconscious and uncover what’s been holding you back.


An Intuitive Intensive is a four-hour session with Danielle during which you can identify any subconscious patterns that keep you from reaching your goals. This intensive will help you break through these limitations and create a new plan. With intuitive guidance and support, you can achieve the freedom you desire.


Elite entrepreneurs and iconic professionals deserve the most unique and individualized experience possible. Danielle understands your specific needs and can provide you with an experience that is different from what everyone else is offering. Her intuition and spiritual gifts make her the perfect person to provide exclusive services to private clients. With a casual, virtual, and intimate experience, Danielle can change your life in invaluable ways.

If you are looking for the best in-person immersive experience and require discretion and top-level service, Danielle offers the most personal experience available. She will make sure that you have everything you need to reach your goals.


Hey, I'm Danielle Aime

Intuitive Confidinte

I’m a bit of a maverick and an extraordinary intuitive spiritual guide, specializing in channeling unconscious memory, feeling, thought & emotion.

My private clients are the exception to the rule; the highly accomplished… often the most misunderstood.

I do deep internal transformational healing so that you grow in consciousness to attain levels of success you never thought possible by finding your path to perfection through your spiritual awakening.

The investment you’ve been waiting for.

It’s time to create a legacy that lasts long after you’re gone and brings you inner peace in the meantime.

Featured in:
"I am 48 years old and have been on the journey to find my purpose despite my success. I made a list of everything I've tried totaling about 75K (USD) for rehab, therapy, courses, retreats & programs. She got into my core and tore down those walls; no one has ever done that. Everything else I did only uncovered surface layers. It's what I prayed for."


"What we accomplished with just two sessions would have probably taken me 6 months with someone else and 12 months+ to achieve on my own. You helped me connect to myself on a deeper spiritual level, and I didn't even know I was looking for that."


“Danielle is a soul healer. She is incredible at what she does. She has helped me realize how to use my weakness as my strength in a way I never thought possible. She can sense things within you that you possibly never could, and lead you in the direction you need to go. I’m so grateful for her help and guidance in one of the most difficult times of my life.”


“She helps you reconnect with yourself in amazing ways, it is truly life-changing. If you’re ready for change, she will assist you so beautifully and authentically. Danielle is an authentic, supportive, caring advisor that can help get you where you’re wanting to go and where you’re meant to go.”