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I Got FED UP with Cookie-Cutter Self-Help

Listen, I’ve been in this game for over a decade.

I’ve seen the so-called “gurus” and “life coaches” peddling the same rehashed advice, promising profound life changes – and guess what? It’s mostly hot air.

I’ve encountered countless programs preaching “just be positive” and “find your bliss” – as if a few affirmations could magically transform your life.

It was all a load of nonsense.

So, I ditched the mainstream path and carved my own.

That was years ago, and I turned out to be incredibly gifted spiritually.

Since then, I’ve transformed countless lives, guiding people to dig deep and truly find themselves.

Launched this venture (yes, this very one).

And now I work with individuals who are brave enough to really challenge themselves, to look beyond the superficial.

I believe in real, intuitive coaching (I’m guessing you’re on the same page).

But here’s the kicker – most people just don’t get it right.

P.S. I might not have a crystal ball or know what you ate for lunch, but I do have an uncanny knack for seeing right through the BS and getting to the heart of what matters.

"I spent over $75k trying to find the missing piece."

The gifts Danielle has are truly unique & and needed. Coming from a past of trauma, I spent over $75k trying to find the missing piece. Danielle gets into your core through the walls built. She came in and blazed down the walls to build you back up in the most comfortable way. She understood to the T where I came from, where I was, what I needed, what I needed to hear, and what I needed to feel about myself.

Intuitive coaching

Straight to What Works, Clear Results


What's Really Holding You Back

Dive Deep into Your Inner Truth

Get ready for a no-holds-barred exploration of your psyche. We’re going deep to reveal and dismantle the hidden blocks, traumas, and emotions that are keeping you stuck.

Coaching That's Attuned to Every Layer of Your Being

Your Story, Our Unwavering Focus

This is where your unique journey takes center stage. Every session is a deep dive into your story, tailored to resonate with your emotional and spiritual essence.


Rapid Transformation for the Eager Soul

Supercharge Your Growth, Seize Your Potential

Strap in for a journey of accelerated growth. This is where you leap forward in your personal evolution, unlocking and embracing your full potential, faster than you thought possible.

Master the Art of Authentic Living

Your Personal Map to Self-Discovery and Growth

I created the Authenticity Ascension Model that isn’t just a framework; it’s your personal guide to a life of raw, real authenticity. This isn’t about gradual change; it’s about transformative growth that aligns you with the core of who you truly are.


"Despite my initial skepticism, I was drawn to your genuine desire to help people."

I reached a point where I felt stuck, until I found you. Despite my initial skepticism, I was drawn to your genuine desire to help people. Taking that leap and working with you was a transformative experience. Connecting with my inner child and addressing my trauma in a safe environment opened up new possibilities. Your positive energy and impactful approach left me feeling lighter and more alive. I now appreciate life’s beauty and would wholeheartedly recommend your services to anyone who has experienced trauma.