From spiritual life, coaching needs to business strategy, and speaking inquiries and every magical thing in between, I’ll do my best to help you out as quick as I can. My team’s here to help and answer any questions you might have.

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I am taking new clients. There can be a 1-3 month wait period before your package starts as I like to give my full attention to a limited number of clients at a time.
(I am human ya know… one of me, many of y’all)

heyyyyy, not a problem. Look, when we are all up in our heads, we can’t always see over that shit storm of emotions & ego [raises a hand, it happens]. Whichever application you fill out, we’ll look at it to see what would work best. Depending on where you are in life or business, 1:1 work may not be a perfect fit, but one of our courses or membership might be the perfect fit! [plus, super friendly on your budget 😉 ]

Of course. I know you may not have all the cash upfront – understandable. This can be a large investment we work with you as best we can. But we do not lower our prices, ever to figure out a way for you to fit in – you either can or your can’t, it’s simple. It allows us to do our best work for our ideal clients.

Nope. My only requirement is to be human and ready to take responsibility and action in your life/business. The more open-minded and can flex outside of your comfort zones, the more results you will receive. Spirituality-soul-weird shit I do to connect to you – that’s on me to serve you better—kinda-almost-but-not-totally a secret bonus button.

Men, women… humans ready to take life by the horns… There’s no easy button to coming into yourself. It’s time to allow yourself the full journey of self-discovery….the good, the bad, the ugly, the slow baby steps, and the giant leaps. Whether it be just in your personal life or the evolution of your business – you are what makes it tick.

If you think some wonderous magical cloud will come because you sign the dotted line with me, you can keep searching the web because I am not your gal (here’s a money savings tip – NO ONE can do that for you, but you). Yep, I do have gifts and can read you, move some energy around, and some other magical shit, but the result is UP TO YOU because you are not a puppet, and I am not a puppeteer. So nope, you magically don’t get more clients, more money, or love, etc. UNLESS you apply, do, and work towards building new habits and ways of breaking through conditional ways of thinking.