Together, we’ll be the medicine your soul needs to find your true fulfillment in this lifetime by maximizing your freedom by guiding you on your spiritual journey of self-discovery. 

I promise to give you all of my knowledge and teach you the tools of my soul when you work with me as your intuitive mentor. 

It’s time to allow yourself the whole journey of self-discovery… To live a legendary life of ineffable wealth requires reaching the highest levels of personal development.

Now you’re here because you’re ready to transcend normalcy and become extraordinary. 

Let’s go. 


Want a life that allows you to have more freedom through a higher state of consciousness, tapping deeper into your spiritual journey of self-discovery.

Feel like you are ready to move past the never-ending grind of success, constantly striving for superficiality, and want to ascend beyond the limits of consciousness.

Want to grow from core wounds (people pleasing, past decisions, trauma influence) but don’t want to drag it out through years of therapy and want to move on.

Are down-to-earth, open-minded, committed to your internal personal work for your life, and 100% ready to take self-accountability for every single aspect of your life and the reality check that may come with it



15-20min assessment/focus pre-session

2hr intensive session

1 – 30 min follow-up call

2weeks of audio/video/text support

$4444 | 2 x $2500


15-20min assessment focus pre-session

90min intensive session

2 – 60 min sessions [month2/month3]

3months of audio/video/text support

$14,444 | 3 x $5000


15-20min assessment/focus pre-session

90min intensive session

8 – 60 min calls

3months of audio/video/text support


Elite Clients

Elite entrepreneurs and iconic professionals deserve the most immersive and bespoke experience.

You need someone who understands your unique needs and can offer you something different than what everyone else is doing. That’s where Danielle comes in due to her intuitive insight and spiritual gifts exclusivity. Danielle offers private clients a casual, virtual, intimate experience that will change their lives in quantifiable and invaluable ways.

Or for those who expect only the best in-person immersive experience either at your home state/country or hers, the most personal experience she offers, and only those who demand the ultimate in discretion and service.

[Investment ranges from 30k – 150k – usd]

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