intuitive coaching & mentoring

Feeling Like There's More to Life Than Just Success? Let's Find Out Together

Take a Step Towards Genuine Self-Discovery and Real Growth

You've scaled the heights of success, checked all the societal boxes, yet deep within, a voice whispers, questioning: "Is this all there is?"

 Despite your achievements, a part of you remains unquenched, restless, seeking something deeper, something that resonates with the core of your being.

You’re not alone on this path. Many reach a point where external successes no longer satisfy our inner longing for meaning and purpose. You’ve explored therapy, dabbled in coaching, but they’ve only skimmed the surface. You’re disciplined, committed to growth, yet you find yourself pondering, “What crucial piece am I missing?”

This is where our shared journey begins. A journey not just to uncover what’s missing but to forge a path that aligns with your deepest self. It’s about unraveling the layers, delving into the depths of your being, and reemerging with a renewed sense of purpose and clarity.

Tailored Intuitive Coaching Packages

Each package is crafted to meet you at your current stage and guide you to the next level of your personal and spiritual journey. Whether you’re seeking a shift, mind blowing change, or a complete transformation, there’s a path waiting for you.



Immerse yourself in 2 hours of transformative exploration. Includes a 2-hour call, a 12-month forecast, and a bonus Unmask bundle. Ideal for those poised for a significant shift. 

$777 or two payments of $397.

3 months


Over 3 months, shed any victim identity and embrace true inner freedom. Includes 6 x 45-minute calls, a 12-month forecast, ongoing support, bonus Unmask bundle, and four group calls. Suited for those seeking profound and enduring change. 

$2,222 or three payments of $797.

6 months


In 6 months, fully embrace your entire self and elevate your potential. Includes 12 x 45-minute calls, a 12-month forecast, priority support, lifetime group calls, and bonus access to the Authentic Evolution course and community. For those ready to fully step into their power.

 $4,444 or six payments of $797.

12 months


Start a year-long exploration of self. Discover inner healing, personal growth, and spiritual enlightenment with continuous support. Includes monthly calls, a 12-month forecast, and lifetime access to all programs. Transform your life into one you never even knew was possible. 

$8,888 or 12x $797.